The Bike Commuter Store is just what it sounds like,… A one stop source for bike parts & accessories items  for those of us using our bikes as transportation, work vehicles,  long distance travel or other extreme biking duties can find what we need.
 Whether you’re looking for a new seat,  shock mounted seat post,  gear sets, crank sets, puncture resistant tires, saddle bags, luggage racks, serious road lights, reflectors or safety equipment this is where you’ll find it. This is NOT my store. It’s an amazon.com market place. Although amazon often has the best prices on darn near everything & it is a very safe place to spend your money, it’s not perfect. Like E-Bay it’s a collection of vendors, some of whom are much better than others.
 I did my best to help you stay focused by setting up these pages  & selecting the products in such a way that you should quickly locate your commuter related bike gear or that hard to find Shimano 6 speed casset & hopefully skip past the Hello Kitty Bike Bell, Pink Laser Streamers, Bicycle Spoke Beads or that $4.40 Deluxe bicycle pump.
Amazon.com consistently offers quality products at great prices and it is without a doubt the safest place there is to make an on-line purchase. Next to my local bike shop this is where I buy a lot of the equipment I use in my E-Bike Conversions.
Although I can’t possibly test each &  every product Amazon offers, Amazon.com is smart enough to allow their customers do this job for them. Amazon.com has  consumer reviews on just about every product your likely to order. These reviews are from people like you & me & believe me, these are not sugar-coated. If a customer is unhappy about their purchase, they’ll let you know about it. To many poor reviews & that vendor soon becomes history.

That said, here is what amazon.com has to offer:



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