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Visibility is paramount when it comes to bicycle safety. The busier the roads & the greater the exposure to those roads & other adverse riding conditions the more likely the chances of an accident.

Since electric bicycles are far more likely to be used in these conditions than recreational or sport cycling they need quality lighting & a lot of it. In addition, E-Bikes are often traveling  faster than a standard bicycle would be traveling. This increases the risk of a collision exponentially. You don’t need to look like a neon sign but you must be AT LEAST as visible as the vehicles you’re sharing the road with.

For some very good safety information take a look at  Bicycle Safe.com. While it is not specifically about bicycle lighting it is great safety information that we all should be aware of..

If you have a question on lighting, electric bikes or anything else related to bikes please use our contact page & drop us a line.  I’ll  be happy to answer your questions & share my thoughts.

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