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The proper Tools, Parts & Supplies are critical for keeping your ride in tip top condition. Regular maintenance is important for maintaining the reliability, safety and fun your bicycle provides. This is even more important if your riding a electrically assisted bicycle. An E-bike is often ridin faster and further than a standard pedal bicycle yet most of the components are the same making some of these components prone to pre-mature failure. This is especially critical when it comes to inspecting all of your braking components, axles, nuts, tires and rims. Anything else that is related to safety from the fasteners, nuts & bolts to the lights, mirrors and reflectors are equally important.

Part of the fun of bicycling is the art of bicycle maintenance while keeping your bike dependable, safe and good looking as well.

Your local bike shop is your best source when it comes to parts and service but many of us are not blessed with having a bicycle shop nearby. If you don’t or you simply like the convenience of shopping from home Amazon carries a full line of quality parts and tools and supplies. Amazon has great prices on practically every product they sell but please keep in mind the shipping charges. Most of their products will have free shipping but there minimum order is $35. In addition there default shipping is never the free shipping so pay attention to the fine print.
If you have a questions on maintenance, electric bikes or anything else related to bikes please use our contact page & drop us a line. I’ll be happy to answer your questions & offer my ideas.
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