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Bike Trailers,  like saddle bags, baskets or rear racks help to make your bike incredibly useful. I’ve had mine for a few  years now & since It went on & off in a matter of seconds  I only used it when I really needed it. The reality was however, that I took it of cause I felt silly riding around town with this little trailer on the back of my bike. Pretty soon I realized that most people thought it was a neat Idea. Now I seldom take it of. It’s just so damn convenient to toss what ever you need into the trailer that unless I’m going on a long ride I just leave it on. And that 3′ flag on the back of it makes you all the more visible to boot.
That said, here is an extensive selection of trailers from Amazon.com. With the exception of a few small volume specialty trailers just about 98% of the trailers I have ever come across are on these pages.

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