2013 Gear Drive E-BikeKit w/Battery The e bike kit brand E-BikeKit (Electric Bike Technologies LLC) has been building & selling e bike kits since 2008. In that time they have gathered a loyal following of very satisfied customers. Do a specific search for “E-BikeKit” or a more general search for e bike or electric bike and you will find many of these satisfied customers talking about the positive experience they have had with both the product and the company. Jason Kraft, Electric Bike Technologies CEO and founder has been supporting the EV (electric vehicle) community since he first became interested in electric-powered bicycles in 2008. He is both an active supporter & participant in the  EV community and in their forums. (i.e. Endless Sphere.com) Quality E-bike Conversion Kits, like all Quality Products, are Always Cheaper in the Long Run. You’ll find the E-BikeKit from Electric Bike Technologies to be among the Highest Quality E-Bike Kits on the market today. I’m quite proud to say they are built in my home state of PA here in the USA. With the vast majority of everything we buy & use today coming from the “Big Box Stores” & being built in low wage countries protected from our consumer protection laws, many of us have forgotten what a quality product is. We no longer expect or even bother to look for important things like Quality, Value & Service. We only see what the Marketeers want us to see. Get it Now, Get it Cheap, Get it Fast & don’t forget the Gift Cards on your way through the check-out lane. Not to worry. Years ago the majority of products were built with care by skilled & dedicated employees for customers that would become loyal to their company BECAUSE of the Quality of Their Products. In 2013 Jason and his team of cycling enthusiast at Electric Bike Technologies still build their E-BikeKits just like that & for just those reasons. Customers aren’t just customers. They’re E-BikeKit.com Customers. Fortunately, if you’re reading this review you are right where you need to be in order to get the best kit for your money. At EZgo-Now I have been using conversion kits from E-BikeKit.com almost exclusively for my custom built e-bike conversions. I can promise you that you’ll not have to choose between spending a little bit of money on a poor quality E-Bike Conversion Kit or a lot of money for a High Quality E-Bike. For a modest amount of money & an hour or so of your time you can take your bicycle & any one of the 2013 E-Bike Kit’s & build yourself an Electric Bicycle that you’ll be be proud to own and delighted to ride. Here’s a picture of one I built this spring for some mountain bike riding. It’s real quick, real stealthy & a whole lot of fun. Click text or picture for details.

Mongoose Maxim Conversion

Dual suspension Mongoose with rear mounted gear drive & 36 volts of LiFeP04 in the bag.

Here’s a few links to some very useful information on & about e-bikes. Cheap Kits versus Quality”, “How to Buy”, “Electric Bike People”, “Must have Knowledge”“Product Testimonials” & “Electric Conversion Kits”.   Yes, you will find many e bike kits selling for less money than E-BikeKits but you’re taking a huge gamble that you’ll get what you thought you were going to get. AND, if you do get lucky with your initial purchase and YOU DO MANAGE to get it assembled correctly with NO INSTRUCTIONS.  I will promise you that days, weeks or months down the road when something does go wrong you will find yourself all on your own with  NO O (ZERO) NADA, NONE SUPPORT. Do your self a big favor and purchase your electric bike conversion kit from a reputable company. The time, money & frustration you’ll save in the long run will be far greater than any short-term savings you would get from buying a cheap kit. That said, there are a number of good e bike kits available at bike shops & over the Internet but I personally recommend E-BikeKit.com. HERE’S WHY……….. To skip the review & buy one now, Click E-BikeKit. To start with you’ll find that all E-BikeKit kits carry the same price. It makes purchasing much easier & allows you to pick the kit that is best suited for you without having to worry about price. In reality the difference in cost between hub motor configurations & controllers is extremely small and often the same. Charging you more money for one kit over another is often a marketing ploy that allows the seller or manufacturer to up-sell their product. E-BikeKit’s are available with a 350 watt (450 watt max.) geared hub motor or a 500 watt (1000 watt max.) direct drive hub motor. They will both safely run on any 36 or 48 volt power source & they both come in front or rear drive. When deciding between a 36 or 48 volt SLA battery pack  remember that a 36v  battery pack  is built using 3 – 12v  batteries & a 48v battery pack requires 4 – 12v batteries.  Larger batteries mean more money & more weight. This is also true with Li-ion batteries but the weight gains are substantially less. A 48 volt kit will provide more speed & more power but NOT more RANGE.  If you want to go further on a single charge, you’ll need to increase your capacity. I.e. amp hours. Think of volts as available horsepower & amps or amp hours as gallons of  fuel. Watts on the other hand is what the  motor is capable of producing once it is hooked up to a power source. All motors are designed to operate efficiently within an established range. Any E-BikeKit using an E-BikeKit 36V 9 amp SLA Battery Pack will put out 324 watts. (Volts x amps= watts) Purchase their 48 Volt 13 Amp Hour Allcell Battery however & you’ll have to use their Direct Drive Kit because you’ll be producing a very healthy 624 watts. All kits are available WITH or WITHOUT BATTERIES allowing you to purchase your batteries from a local source. A kit without batteries will require you to also purchase a battery charger & a battery bag to put them in along with some wire, electric & terminals. You can also purchase E-BikeKit’s Lead Acid Battery Wiring Pack which includes wire with pre-crimped ends & the connectors. Both kits require a bicycle rack for the battery pack to sit on. These are also available from E-BikeKit.com or just about any bike shop. An E-BikeKit System complete with batteries is a true “PLUG & PLAY” set-up. This is what’s included with all of their kits ordered without batteries:

    • Hand-Built Wheel w/ Disc Brake Compatible Hub Motor
    • 36/48V 20A Brushless Motor ControllerThrottles
    • Thumb & Split-Twist E-Brake Handles (left & right)
Ebike Components

Click here & then click Installation at the top of the E-BikeKit.com page for complete Instructions.

  • Throttle/E-Brake extension Wire & MotorExtension Wire
  • Installation DVD & Owner’s Manual
  • Stainless Steel Torque Arm (fronts only)
  • 7-Speed Freewheel (rears only)
  • Plastic Zip Ties
  • C-Washers in stainless steel (fronts only)
  • Wire harness w/ Andersons
  • SLA tabs
  • Freewheel Removal Tool (rears only)
  • 3mm Allen wrench for installing throttle
  • Quick disconnect wire connector on drive motor(a real blessing for fixing flats or putting on roof mounted racks)
  • Owners manual (see preview)
  • Installation manual & video (see preview)

Kits ordered with batteries also include:

  • 36 or 48 volt SLA or Li-ion battery pack
  • 36 or 48 volt charger
  • Battery bag
  • Wiring harness for connecting battery to e-bike kit.

ebike installation ebike installation E-BikeKit has added Lithium type  batteries back into their inventory mix. This gives you the choice between the light weight long lasting Li-ion batteries or the much heavier & shorter lived SLA batteries. Yes, there is HUGE up front price difference between the two, but in the long run the Li-ion will be cheaper.. When comparing Lithium type batteries it’s very important to understand what you’re buying. The majority of the e bike battery packs being sold contain the very good LiFePO4 batteries while E-BikeKit uses the equally good Li-ion batteries. I can not possibly go into the details of battery types as their are entire books & web-sites written on this subject, but I will mention this. The Li-ion battery has a higher energy density (high octane fuel verses the regular grade) but operates at a higher temperature. Consequently if the Li-ion battery pack is not built & cooled correctly it can overheat. This is not an issue with the LiFePO4 battery. That said, make very sure you are purchasing your battery from a reputable company. A cheap lithium battery may be the most expensive battery you’ll ever buy. See ALLCELL for more information on E-BikeKit’s Li-ion batteries orBatterySpace & Battery University for other battery types. Where can you buy it & for how much? E-BikeKit kits are sold directly through E-BikeKit.com or through their extensive network of dealers. I always suggest buying from your local bike shop when ever possible. Any additional cost (if any) will be more than offset by having a local bike mechanic that you can talk to & get parts from. Unfortunately there are many parts of the country where e bikes are simply not available and are often even ridiculed by the “Bicycle Purists” at the local bike shop. If that’s your neighborhood just click on any E-BikeKit Logo & go straight to the source. See my article about “Why not Harrisburg?”

"E bike Components"

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What do people say about E-BikeKits? Since E-BikeKit is NOT SOLD through places like amazon.com or other big box outlets finding short concise independent reviews  can be a little time consuming. Here are a few to get you started and if you don’t mind reading reviews from the E-BikeKit Facebook Page here is a link to their reviews as well. Facebook Page Reviews Geared 350 watt hub Review (from e-bikekit.com) My Review of the e-bikekit 350 watt hub motor.by Drunkskunk » Tue May 18, 2010 ok, First some background for those who don’t follow every thread here. E-bikekit.com Offered members here a chance to buy their all new 350 watt geared motor for cheap. I ordered mine 2 weeks ago, and got the invoice confirmation quick. unfortunately, a week went by with no tracking number and no package. So last tuesday I called and spoke to Rodger. He was helpfull and told me he couldn’t confirm it had shipped, there was some kind of paper work error, but he would look into it and let me know. 30 minutes later I had an email from him. It hadn’t shipped yet, but it was going out now. 30 more minutes and UPS had the number in their system as scanned. Problems like this do come up. The good companies Like E-Bikekit Solve them fast. Thank you Rodger. The box arrived yesterday in typical UPS fashion. Crushed corners, holes in the side, too dirty to set on the carpet inside. I feared the worst but opened the box to find everything in tact. It was all packed well enough to survive UPS!…………. Continue E-BikeKit 350W Geared Front Review and buildby NeilP » Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:53 pm I won a E-Bikekit.com kit via their Facebook page and the Facebook ES group. I had the choice of any of their kits, so could have gone for the 500W Direct drive hub, but instead went for the lighter 350W geared rear hub, as I this was for the girlfriend and she would prefer the lighter geared hub It arrived the other day..and they did send me the wrong kit…I asked for the rear, but they sent the front instead but what the hell, can’t complain, it is still a FREE KIT>>>very nice indeed. I opened it up the as soon as it arrived, and had it spinning in my hand, with a couple of 4sLiPo packs connected to the controller within 20 minutes of opening the box. All you add is the battery and bike…the kit is so simple plug and play…all the plugs can only go in one way. Continue http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=31116 motorbikemike45 MBc Member In the newest direct drive hub motor kit the motor weighs 14 lbs instead of the 17 lbs the older motors weighed, a big improvement. Another big improvement is the motor wire has a plug into the harness a few inches from the motor, thus making a flat tire repair a great deal easier and simpler than in the past. The kit is a snap to install as the hub motor comes assembled into a good wheel as part of the kit. They have recently advertised for a wheel builder, so I hope a few little problems I’ve had with the wheels will be eliminated. The second kit had one spoke overtightened to the point of dimpling the rim outward where the spoke went through. The newest kit I got had all the spokes loosen within 50 miles, to the point where I could move the rim back and forth 3/8s of an inch. Due to the angle of the spokes, expect the spokes to loosen and the wheel to require a tuneup within 250 miles. This is normal and e-bike kits tells you in advance to expect it. I find 250 miles to be acceptable, 50 miles is not…………….. Continue Whether you buy a quality kit from E-BikeKit.com or a another quality kit, please help your local electric biking community and the American EV (electric vehicle) community by purchasing local when you can and from other U.S. manufacturers & suppliers when you can’t. Become active in the e bike community by contributing your thoughts, ideas & experience in one of the many Cycling forums,  e-bike forums, bulletin boards, Facebook and Twitter. As a nation we are so far behind the rest of the world when it comes alternative forms of transportation that it’s kind of embarrassing.  See EV World for some e bike comparisons. Tell us what you know so we can all benefit.  Here’s a few  links to some environmentally focused electric bike blogs  to get you thinking.

Ebike Components

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