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This trailer has been replaced by the Cargo 16 which appears to by identical to the trailer in this review in every way but price.

Is at the top of the list for Bicycle Cargo Trailers & I think we can safely assume that one of the more typical uses of bike cargo trailers is for picking up groceries. Along those same lines, bike cargo trailers are ideal for other bike errands like picking up your lawn & garden supplies or hauling your bottey back from the weekend yard sale. I’ve used my bike trailer (a modified kiddie hauler) for hauling everything from trash down to the burn pile to taking our garden vegetables down to our church. (I have a 36 volt 500 watt e-bike) Whatever the load is, the most important aspect of these trailers is the wonderful feeling you get by not being dependent on your car or truck. It takes us just one more step closer to being energy independent on a personal level. And that of course is where we must start if we’re ever going to get their as a nation.

For more about using your bicycle, trailer or cargo racks for everyday living click on www.utilitycycling.org. You’ll find lots of good information and ideas.

Croozer Designs Cargo Trunk Bicycle Trailer, best bicycle trailer, Bicycle AccessoriesAnd that brings me to the Croozer Designs Cargo Trunk Bicycle Trailer. Replaced by the Croozer Bike trailer bike trailer Cargo 16 selling for $215.80 + $9.95 S&H

Click Cargo 16 for current link with current price. I have left all of the old links in place because of all of the reviews & the enormous amount of useful information. I promise to update this page ASAP but for know I can not see any difference between the two trailers other that the higher price, which, all things considered is still a good value.

I have not personally used the Croozer Designs Cargo Trunk bike trailer but I have read an awful lot of very good reviews about it. In addition a close look at the specs and some of the pictures tells me that this trailer offers an awful lot of value for the money. . . ….. So that said leave your car behind and get some exercise! The Croozer Cargo Trunk attaches right to your bicycle and has plenty of space for groceries and running routine errands. Storage won’t be a problem either. The Cargo Trunk’s simple folding system quickly folds it down to 22 inches wide to hang on the wall or place on a shelf. The sturdy steel frame and solid plastic floor provide good durability. Solid builds, smart designs, and durability characterize Croozer Designs and make their products ideal for active families on a budget. If you’re looking to buy a bicycle trailer this year you’re search is over.

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It measures 33-1/2-by-27-by-22 inches (L x W x H) when unfolded and has a carrying capacity of 66 pounds. It weighs about 25 lbs empty.

Key Features of the Croozer:
  • Dimensions: 33-1/2″ L x 27″ W x 22 inches H
  • Weight Capacity: 66 pounds
  • Bicycle hitch arm with axle mounted hitch and safety flagSteel frame with a solid composit plastic floor
  • Simple folding mechanism allows for a Hand cart function by changing the fitting position of the hitch arm
  • Removable weather cover L x W x H (without hitch arm): 85 x 69 x 56 cm / 33.5 x 27 x 22 in L x W x H (folded without wheels): 85 x 56 x 15 cm / 33.5 x 22 x 6 in
  • Cargo platform (L x W x H): 77 x 50 x 34 cm* / 30.5 x 19.5 x 13.5 in*
  • Weight: 11.4 kg / 25 lbs Weight capacity: 30 kg / 66 lbs Wheels: 16″ Spoked wheels*When closed.
  • Taller items can be carried with the cover removed.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay?Cargo Bike Trailer, Croozer Designs Cargo Trunk Bicycle Trailer

The Croozer Designs Cargo Trunk Bicycle Trailer has a List Price of $210.00. It’s available however on many websites for much less. Using bizrate.com, Shopping.com & Google.com I found prices to be all over the place. They started at $210.00 & went down to $179.00. Currently Amazon.com offers it for the $179.00 although they’re not the only one.

Where Can You Buy The Croozer Designs Cargo Trunk Bicycle Trailer?

You can buy the Croozer Designs Cargo Trunk Bicycle Trailer from Amazon.com. They offer free shipping and from what I found during my research nobody has it for any less. They will also occasionally offer extended terms, some times refered to as dating. When you consider the piece of mind Amazon’s 30 day return policy provides you I think they’re your best choice. CLICK HERE: to view more information or to purchase.

Current Customer Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent trailer I purchased the Croozer cargo trailer from Amazon about 4 months ago, and have used it to haul groceries, hardware, large boxes, etc. Read more Published 4 days ago by John B. Goode

4.0 out of 5 stars Good for short trips If you want a trailer for carrying the groceries back from the market and you don’t have too many very steep hills to deal with I highly recommend this. Read more Published 1 month ago by Geordie W. Korper
5.0 out of 5 stars bike cargo cart I purchased this cart to enable my Welsch Cogi dog to accompany me on my bide rides. This cart is great. Easy to assemble, easy to pull and my dog loves riding in it. Read more Published 7 months ago by Gioia Gagner
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Trailer I did my homework before deciding on the trailer I wanted. This trailer won hands down. It is well constructed, and easy to assemble. Read more Published 8 months ago by Robert E. Lemoi

What do some other customers say?

The Croozer Designs Cargo Trunk Bicycle Trailer has received very good ratings from just about every customer review I have read on the various Blogs and Web-Sites. It has scored a solid 4 to 5 stars from the majority of reviewers on Amazon. Amazon .com is a good source of reviews since there is a large number of outside sources linking to it. Click this Amazon.com link to read more reviews.

Any negatives?

Well yes kind of. It was more of a personal opinion from an older fellow who only gave it 3 out of 5 stars because he thought it felt kind of flimsy. When the warranty runs out he is going to add some additional floor bracing. (he’ll be able to pick up that load of drywall then I’ll bet.)

Croozer Designs Cargo Trunk Bicycle Trailer, best bicycle trailer

A Final Thought on Bike Cargo Trailers

If you use your bike as part of your daily routine for commuting to & from work as I do there are many situations where having your bike trailer is very convenient. I live in Central PA & the weather you leave home in is more often than not the same weather you go home in. Now you don’t need a trailer to carry your rain gear I get that but I also carry a laptop plus my lunch plus emergency gear & maybe a change of cloths. I might also need to take some work home with me or stop at the grocery store on the way home. I ride a 500 watt e-bike & I do tend to carry more than if I was doing all the work myself but I really enjoy constantly exploring all the new ways I can use my bike and trailer. I also enjoy planning ahead for the unexpected, some of us simply like to have their bike trailer with them so they’re always prepared.


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A Croozer Trailer & an E-BikeKit can eliminate that extra car