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E-BikeKit Conversion Kits in 36 or 48 volts W/O BATTERY PACK,

$619.00 with S&H

E-BikeKit Systems in 36 or 48 volts With BATTERY PACK, Starting at $834.00 with S&H

Geared Drive, Direct Drive, Front or Rear Wheel Drive in 20″ through 700c/29″ wheel sizes.

Purchase the E-BikeKit™ Conversion Kit WITHOUT the Battery Pack & build-your-own SLA (lead acid) 36 or 48 volt battery pack or buy a pre-manufactured lithium-based battery pack from your favorite battery source.*** OR Purchase the E-BikeKit™ System Complete WITH the Battery Pack & leave nothing to chance.

What ever option you choose, you’ll quickly convert your current ride into a quiet, efficient & fun to ride bicycle. You’ll save money, get more exercise, & help to ease traffic congestion & pollution. What’s to loose? Not only will you have a great piece of transportation that you built yourself, but you’ll have an electric bicycle for hundreds of dollars less than any comparable e-bike available anywhere. Order below. Quantities can be changed on the final check-out page.

Since you have made it as far as this ordering page you probably know that you’ll need to make provisions for mounting a battery pack & the little weather-proof electronic controller box that’s included with the kit.

The E-BikeKit System with a battery pack comes with a very nice battery bag that will accommodate both the battery & the controller box. In which case the only thing required would be a Bike Rack to attach it to. If your budget is tight you can order a high quality SLA Battery Pack (sealed lead acid battery) proffesionally assembled by E-BikeKit here in PA in both 36 or 48 Volt sizes. They offer a lot of bang for the buck. However, If you can afford the extra money, a Lithium battery is , by far, your best choice. At 2 to 3 times the price of the SLA Battery, the up front cost of an Lithium battery seems quite high. But when you consider it will deliver 3 to 4 times the life span of an SLA & provide a considerable gain in performance. The true cost starts to come down. It is also smaller in size & less than 1/2 the weight giving you a lot more flexibility as to where to mount it. Would you prefer 27 lbs on the top of your rear rack or 7.6 Lbs? That’s a huge differance, especially at slow speeds, mounting & dismounting & walking it up a flight of steps. You get what you pay for & Lithium gives you a lot. The Li-Ion Batteries built for E-BikeKit by AllCell Technoligies in Chicago, IL USA are some of the finest Lithium batteries in the industry. Click their link & check them out.

The E-BikeKit Conversion Kit without the battery pack DOES NOT come with this battery bag. In which case you will need a Bike Rack & possibly a battery bag. However, many of the other Lithium type battery packs come in a weather-proof enclosure which can be mounted directly onto the top of a Bike Rack & the weather-proof controller box can be mounted to the underside of that same Rack. Another option is to recycle one of the billions of very nice plastic boxes that are thrown away every year. I’ve seen everything from tackle boxes to ammo boxes turned into very nice battery boxes.

This is your project. Be as creative as you want. Need ideas? Browse our Project Pages or give me a Call. (717) 497-9917. You can call E-BikeKit.com at (866) 882-3245 as well & talk to an experienced professional salesperson, anytime Mon-Friday 9am-5pm EST.

All E-BikeKit Conversion Kits Include:




electric-bike-conversion-kit-system-without the-batttery

E-BikeKit Conversion Kit – NO Battery – $599 + $20 S&H



1 x Hand-built wheel w/ disc-brake compatible hub motor
1 x 36/48V compatible 22amp 12FET brushless motor controller
1 x LCD dashboard with on/off, battery indicator & top speed control
2 x Throttles (1 Thumb & 1 Split-Twist)
2 x E-Brake handles (left & right)
1 x Motor cable 1 x Accessory cable
1 x Battery wire harness (kits w/o batteries only)
1 x 7-Speed Shimano Freewheel
1 x Owner’s Manual
***Zip Ties, c-washers & torque arms in every kit!


E-BikeKit Systems & Battery also Include:

(Battery, Charger & Bag Ship Separately)


E-Bike Kits.W.Batt

E-BikeKit System with Battery – $789.00 + $30.00 S&H




1 x 36 or 48 volt SLA or Li-Ion Battery Pack
1 x 36 or 48 volt SLA or Li-Ion Battery Charger
1 x Battery Bag with room for the Battery Pack & the Controller

*** A inexpensive lithium-based battery may be the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make! Please do your home work prior to buying a lithium-based battery. My choice for batteries is just one place to start.


E-BikeKit Conversion Kits, Systems & Accessories:


When your bike is more than just a hobby to you, it needs it to perform at the same level or better than you’d expect any other critical piece of your equipment to perform. You rely on this bike to help you travel through your day. Just like your car or truck, it too must be Reliable, Safe, Convenient, Comfortable and Yes, Great to look at & fun to drive. Now, you don’t need an electric bike conversion kit to do this BUT, if this is the route you choose then this is the E-Bike Kit you’ll need.

Engineered to comply with USA Federal guidelines it requires no insurance or licensing in most states. Your bicycle converted with the E-BikeKit electric bike conversion kit will be comparable to complete electric bikes costing $2500 or more.

If you’d like proof of what you can do with your bike & a kit from E-BikeKit, please take a look at one of my latest creations before you click the ADD TO CART Button. CLICK HERE.

The E-BikeKit conversion kit gives you everything you’ll need including an installation manual. In just a few days you’ll receive one or two boxes with everything you’ll need to convert your own bicycle into a quiet, efficient, fun and economical e-bike.


Gear Drive is the best choice for Stealthy Installations, Hilly terrains & MTB Biking. Direct Drive is better for Everyday Transportation & Higher Speeds.


Order Your SLA Battery Pack Kit Below:











Order your Li-Ion Battery Pack Below. Comes W/Bag & Charger:










48V SLA E-BikeKit

This exact E-BikeKit System w/48V SLA Battery Pack cost $693.00 plus shipping.The heavy battery pack was split in 2 & installed low inside the saddlebags. I also made a pair of battery boxes for inside the bags so they would hang straight. Bags, Liners & labor was an additional $122.00. It made a very inexpensive, stable & fast commuter bike.
Click for full article.






36 volt E-Bike

This E-BikeKit System w/36V SLA Battery Pack cost $682.00 plus shipping.The SLA battery pack was installed in the supplied battery bag & was attached to the rack that came with the bike.The only additional options on this installation was a mirror & rear mount kick stand. Although not required I always recommend them. Click for more pictures.









Build or Buy, it’s your choice.

48V D.D. E-BikeKit

E-Bikes, Build or Buy?

My Review of an 013 E-BikeKit.

2012 E-BikeKit Review

2012 E-BikeKit Review

2 types of E-Bike builds.


Mongoose & Marrin

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ORDER E-BikeKit NO Battery


$619.00 with S&H

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Select Front or Rear:

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ORDER E-BikeKit System W/Battery

E-BikeKit System

$834.00 with S&H

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Select Hub Motor Type:

Select Front or Rear:

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SLA Wiring Kit

E-BikeKit™ Lead Acid Battery Wiring Pack W/ Anderson Powerpole Wiring Harness, Loop Wire w/ 30 amp Fuse & Jumper Wires for (4) 12V Batteries. $18
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Anderson Power Pole Connector Set

30 Amp Permanently Bonded Red/Black Anderson Powerpole Quick Set. Recommended for use with 12-14 gauge wire. ID # AP30-QS $10
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Battery Cable w/ Andersons

Battery Cable w/ Andersons – 3 Foot. ID # EBK-EC-3FT - $14 -
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14 AWG. Battery Cable w/ Andersons 18"

14 AWG. Battery Cable w/ Andersons 18″.Included with all E-BikeKits without a battery.Order ONLY if you want an EXTRA SET. ID # EBK-WH-SLA $12
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Electric Bicycle Battery Bag

E-Bike Battery Bag. ID # EBK-SLA-BAG. Straps to rear rack with wide Velcro straps.
Dimensions: 12.5″ x W 6″ x H 7″ $28Add to Cart

Rear Mount Bicycle Rack

WALD Rear Mount Bicycle Rack – Black ID # Wald-45016 $16Add to Cart

Seat Post Rack

Quick release seatpost rack. ID # EBIKE-SPR $26Add to Cart

Double leg kickstand

Double Leg Kickstand, Screw Adjust, Black, Steel Lowers.NO MORE TIPPING BIKES! Fits bikes with kickstand mount,from 24″ to 28″ ID# EBK-570-001 $24
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E-BikeKit Accessories

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