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I started about three years ago. For those of you who have visited before you would have seen a collection of online marketing articles and products inside a blog with an odd name. EZgo-Now just did not fit a marketing blog. Well here’s why. It was intended to be a blog about power assist or hybrid electric bicycles. I am now on my second hybrid & have always had many regular bicycles. I have always had a passion for anything on two wheels. The problem was this blog was to tie in with a physical shop & I was going to sell elect bikes, bike kits, accessories, batteries, parts, etc. Well the learning curve was just a whole lot longer than I ever anticipated. In addition I just got really disillusioned about all the garbage one had to sift through to find honest information.

HOWEVER … . . with gas bouncing back & forth between $3.50 to $4 or more a gallon I am ready, willing & able to push hard on my efforts to promote E – bikes.

Electric bicycles have been around for just about as long as the bicycle itself.

24v e bike with LiFePO4 batteries

24 Volt installation w/LiFePO4

I know this statement will show my age but I can remember a buddy of mine had outfitted his “10 Speed Racing Bike” with a small 12 Volt battery and a little metal friction drive that pushed against the front tire.  It made a lot of noise for a little thing but it did work after a fashion. This was the early 70′s. By the 1980′s there had been improvements and there where a few decent e bikes around but they where still definitely novelty items. Like any alternate energy source in the land of cheap oil the availability and popularity of alternate transportation spikes when oil prices climb, and eases off after the shock wears off. Remember Lee Iacocca’s EBike ? That wasn’t all that long ago.


E-BikeKit’s new lithium-ion battery pack by ALLCELL


E-BikeKit, BIONIX, eZee kit, Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit, Currie Technologies, Crystalyte, go-hubTM Motor Technology all of these & many more  make good e bike kits for bicycles. Do you want to make your bike easier to ride while still keeping that bicycle look and feel?  Then look at the Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit. Maybe you just want to go flat-out-fast. Then take a look Electricrider’s 48 volt 1,000 watt Phoenix Racer System on a 26 inch Rear Wheel using a big Crystalyte Hub Motor.  You’ll see some serious performance.  If you want good all around solid transportation check out the kits available from The’re built right here in the USA and have a excellent reputation for both performance and service.  Lithium batteries keep getting better as the prices continue to drop. The LiFePO4 battery has really taken care of the safety issues surrounding lithium and have helped to move the whole technology forward.  The patented phase change material (PCM) technology  introduced to the market by ALLCELL Technologies has helped make lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries a safe & affordable batteries as well. Technology keeps getting better & I’m sure the high price of gas is here to stay. Put those two statements together and they add up to a solid future for the e bike market.

Electric Bikes are slowly and steadily becoming a functional addition to the urban landscape. What will really help move bicycles and other forms of alternate transportation forward faster?  The folks working behind the scenes.  Urban planners with forward thinking, working to incorporate enhancements like bike lanes, turning lanes, bike paths, modifying intersections, etc.   Electric bikes are here to stay!

P.S. Do you know what another really important aspect of biking  is?  ………. ,Sshh, ….   listen …. . . . . All you hear is the wind.