Five years ago putting a kickstand on my road bike or mountain bike would have been sacrilegious.

Five years ago I also rode my bikes for fun or exercise when I had the time, which is to say, not very often. For the sake of conveyance I also carried an 8″ Velcro strap which I used as a parking brake in the rare event that I actually had to park my bike during a ride.

A few years ago I had a huge re-awaking and discovered that even as an adult a bicycle could be used for transportation much like when I was 14 and used it to go everywhere. E-bikes played a big role in this re-awaking but whether its electric power or pedal power a bicycle is fantastic way to get around at least 50% of the time for 80% of my trips.

This new adult and socially responsible approach to bicycling however did require a slight change to my old world philosophy of “If it doesn’t make it go faster it’s not needed”. Kickstands where right up there with saddle bags when it came to the things “that weren’t needed”. Nowadays, I wouldn’t want to be without either one of them. At the same time, however, lighter is still better, the ability to quickly install & remove something is quite important and a quality look & feel are paramount.

That said, let me tell you about this little gem of a kickstand I found on It meets all three of those requirements and it will arrive in your mailbox for under ten bucks. There are a ton of kickstands available and many of them are very good. Most good kick stands are going to cost at least $20 delivered. If your LOADED bike weighs more than 70Lbs. (the majority of e-bikes) however you really shouldn’t even consider anything other than a proper center stand. Most rear kickstands are just not up to the task. A decent center stand will cost between $30 & $60 delivered. They are however worth their weight in gold when you’re trying to load your bike up with grocery bags & other items after a shopping trip. Sadly they are not something you take on & off in a matter of minutes and they can be pretty clunky looking.

So anyway I was looking for an expensive kickstand for a friend of mine who was tired of having to leaning her bike against something all the time. Although weight was not a factor in this choice (even though this unit only weighs 7.7 OZ.), ease of installation & removal and quality was. This is a 46 lb e-bike with 26″ wheels & a medium size womans frame. Although it’s very light by electric bike standards it’s still a full size bike with an average amount of accessories. I put the kickstand on in about 6 minuets & spent another 5 minutes getting it set just right. Because of the complaints (the only complaints) I read about it coming lose & also because I wanted to attach the rubber gaskets permanently so they wouldn’t get lost, I cut (2) 2″ long strips of 1″ wide double-sided mounting tape & stuck them to the 2 rubber gaskets. After determining where the kickstand would mount on the bike frame I wrapped a ring of regular household quality double-sided tape around the bike frame where I was going to mount the kickstand. I then tightened the 3 allen bolts securely. After a number of rides it has not moved. I did however re-torque the allen bolts after 5 days & got another 1/4 turn out of all 3 bolts. Another important consideration in the initial set-up is the amount “LEAN” when the bike is parked on its kickstand. The more lean or tilt the bike has the more force on the clamp & the better chance that it will slip on the bike frame. Of course if you don’t have enough lean it can fall over. I also tried this kickstand on the white bike I have pictured below. It’s about the same weight as the green bike but it’s a larger frame with 700c or 28″ wheels. In order for it to work correctly I had to extend the kickstand foot all the way to the end making the whole thing somewhat wobbly. If this bike had 10 lbs of packages strapped to the rack I’m sure it would have been to much for the kickstand. Also be sure to clean the surface of everything with alcohol to remove any wax, polish or oil. Do this even if you decide NOT to use the tape. This clamp works on friction alone so everything needs to be squeaky clean.

Kickstand on e-bike

The Green Bike has the clamp-on style & the White Bike has the axle mount style found on many rear mounted kickstands. The top right photo shows the kickstand on my postal scale at 7.7 ounces.


Because of its small size, light weight & quality fit & finish it detracts only marginally if at all from the overall look of your bike.

Bottom line, providing you don’t have a 70 Lb plus cargo bike & your wheel size is 26″ or less, you might want to give this little guy a try. If you have any questions or comments please drop me line at or just use any of the contact forms on this website.

The following are the two merchants selling this particular kickstand. I purchased mine through Crazy Cart & it arrived in two days. It was about 20 cents more than L2go.

Bicycle Cycling Alloy Bike Kickstand Side Stand sold by L2go

$8.79 + Free Shipping (on qualifying orders)


Rear mount stand Aluminium Bicycle Kickstand Black sold by Crazy

$4.99 + $3.98 shipping


  • Materials: aluminum alloy, rubber
  • Hight: 30.5 – 40cm/ 12 – 15.74″ ( adjustable )
  • Colors: black
  • Adjustable Stand w/Rubber Foot. accommodates 20″ through 26″ wheels

If you would like to go shopping for this type of kickstand copy this link first, then click it: Bicycle Cycling Alloy Bike Kickstand Side Stand & paste the text in the search box on my shopping page. You can also use the Amazon link below but you will need a $25.00 minimum order to qualify for free freight so you might as well get a few other things… Not to mention Christmas isn’t to far off and bikers just love bicycle stuff. So go shopping at… All Things Cycling .

link to /e-bikekits-systems/e-bikekit-order-page/

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