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Call 497-9917 & schedule your test-ride today.Thanks for clicking through to our Carlisle Sales Page. This page displays our current inventory of bicycles,custom built electric bike conversions & EBikeKits for purchase & pick-up at our shop in Carlisle, PA. We are one of the few places in the Greater Harrisburg, PA area where you can actually test ride an e-bike. You can also take a look at the individual components that make up an EBikeKit, talk to the guy that puts them all together & experience first hand the differences between Gear Drive & Direct Drive or Lead Acid Batteries & Lithium Batteries.

STARTING NOW through the end of the summer we have some pretty spectacular pricing on last seasons in-stock Bicycles, custom built E-bike conversions and EBikeKits. In addition to these savings we will periodically be running Google Ads & E Bay listings on selected overstock & clearance products making our best prices of the year even better.

All E-Bay Listings can be picked up at our shop in Carlisle, PA saving the shipping charges. For current listings visit our our E Bay Store by clicking EZ-Tools-Now. 

   So whether you want to save some money & buy today or your just thinking of converting your own bike down the road & need some ideas, take a look at the special pricing on bikes, e-bikes & EBikeKits below, then give me a call.  I’ll do my best to answer your questions & explain some of the Ins & Outs of the E-Bike.

Our location in a residential neighborhood with plenty of hills & little traffic provides a perfect test track for a long & thorough test ride. Take your time & make back to back comparisons of different power levels, drive systems & bikes. (See map at bottom of page) Products & pricing on our Carlisle Sales Pages is available for LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY.

Our E-BikeKit Conversions, Systems & Accessories Pages  have our On-Line Sales of e-bike kits & accessories and for those of us that See Cycling as more than just a hobby we offer a customized selection of cycling gear focused on commuting, cargo biking & transportation  from Amazons Bike Commuter Store.  Where ever you go & what ever you do; Please, go by bike, ride safe & have fun. 

For specific information on any of our products or questions on e-bikes in general please email me directly at matt@ezgo-now.com, use our contact form (preferred)  or call me at (717) 497-9917. You’ll find us at 116 W. Hillcrest Dr. in Carlisle, PA 17013. We are open 10 AM to 5 PM Mon. through Sat. but calling ahead is recommended.

Thank You, 

 Matt Waters




2012 E-BikeKits
Local Pick-up Only



2012 E-Bike Kits – Kit Only No Battery $399

2012 E-Bike Kits w/36 Volt 9 amp SLA Battery & Bag $450.00 

I have these kits for front & rear 26″ & 29″ bike wheels & in Gear Drive or Direct Drive. For stock status call with your tire size & preferences. 497-9917

These where purchased in April 2013 & DO NOT have the new for 2013 LCD Gauge. The Kits are the same otherwise. Visit E-BikeKit Conversion Kits & Systems for complete specifications & current 2014 on-line prices.

For thought & ideas visit our Project Page at ezgo-now.com/e-bike-projects for a pictorial of some my latest projects.















“Night Rider” The ultimate e-bike for any guy that needs a very fast bike for everydaytransportation but wants to go in style. CALL FOR PRICING


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“Night Rider” is a custom built jet black 22″ 2011 Marrin Pioneer Trail MTB with 500/1000 watt DD E-BikeKit powered by a 48 V 10 ah LiFeP04 Battery. Much more than your typical e-bike. Go ahead & check it out on the inside.



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2012 Marin “PIONEER TRAIL” Hardtail Mountain Bike $325.00

NEW for $325.00. This is an Exceptional Bike at Twice the Price. Smooth, precise, with quality throughout. Check it Out! SOLD


Diamond Clarity

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NEW for $359.00. A Beautiful, Fast & Very Lightweight Bicycle. Take the Neighborhood by Storm. I have yet to covert this one because of it’s exceptional quality & ultra light weight. For the discerning Women This bike with a gear drive E-BikeKit system Using custom installed Li-Ion Battery Pak & maybe some taller gears. WOW give me a call, I can”t wait


Schwinn Crest waiting for an E-Bike Kit

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This Schwinn should make a great daily commuter. It has an excellent fit & finish, good looks & a beefy aluminum frame that’s stiff, sturdy & light weight. Couple that with its large, easy rolling, smooth riding 700c wheels & a great set of brakes & you have an all around great city bike at a great price. SOLD


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Schwinn Gridlock Men’s comfort bike 18″ Frame, 26″ Wheels - New $246.00 SPECIAL $199.00 SOLD

I was very pleased with the quality of this budget priced bicycle. The fit and finish is quite good and it  it rides and handles very nicely. A great bike as is & a good candidate for an EBike Conversion. SOLD

Diamondback Women’s 2013 Lux Mt. Bike W/26″ Wheels 17″

Diamondback  Women's bike

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Frame New - $359.00 SPECIAL $299.00

17″ Medium size women’s MTB with 26″ Wheels. This is a great ladies bike as is & a perfect candidate for an e-bike conversion. Save $70.00 off the average Internet sale price.


Schwinn Sierra

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Schwinn Sierra DSX Adult EZgo-Now E-Bike Conversion.  NEW $1,305.98 SPECIAL $1,299.00

Small Frame with 26″ Wheels. 450 watt Hi Tourqe Gear Driven Hub Motor W/ 36 Volt LifFeP04 Battery Pack. Make your next ride an EZgo & all your rides will be down hill. You can thank me when you get back to the top. 


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2012 Huffy Men’s ATB Rival Bike (Charcoal Grey) 17” Frame, 26” Wheels – New $89.95 -



SOLD!!   This is a very basic, inexpensive entry level bike. A great bike for a large child or smaller adult looking for a light duty bicycle. That said it seems to be a very sturdy bicycle although it is a bit on the heavy side. SOLD !!

RideKick Review

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A NEW RIDEKICK TRAILER that’s Ready To Roll at $699.00.

It’s the electric trailer that pushes your bike. It’s completely independent of your bike. Hook it to the back of of your regular bike in about 10 seconds & your on your way with your new e-bike. When your done, UN-hook it in about 10 seconds & you have your regular bike back. It really is that simple.



Maxim icon

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Refurbished Bike w/New Gear Drive E-BikeKit & Batteries – Full suspension, Rear hub, Gear drive, 36 Volt LiFeP04 Battery Pack, 18″ frame & 26″ wheels. Crawl through streams or blast through turns, pedaling is up to you. Chose low 3 with the throttle jammed on & climb a 30% grade with your seat in the saddle or go to high 7 with full assist & merge with the city traffic. It’s all good.



Crest Button

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Fast Commuter –  Schwinn Crest Men’s E-Bike Conversion 17″ Frame, 700c Wheels – New $1,121 SPECIAL $999.00 CLEARANCE PRICED @ $799.00

In a Hurry & On a Budget? Check out this Schwinn Crest Hybrid with 48 volts of Direct Drive Power using a 1000 watt Peak Power Conversion Kit from E-BikeKit.com. It’s Fast, Smooth & won’t Break your Budget.





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RideKick Trailers will push your bike

MAKES THE HILLS DISAPPEAR with the RIDEKICK,Click Here to visit the web-site or Order On-Line.

Enter EZgo-Now in the Promo Box & recieve a $25 Discount




























Carlisle PA Maps

Carlisle Map - Click for Google Maps

Carlisle Map & Surrounding Area



Click for full size Map: 116 W. Hillcrest Lane Carlisle, PA 17013

Click for full size Map: 116 W. Hillcrest Lane Carlisle, PA 17013


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