Schwinn Sierra DSX Adult E-Bike Conversion

Small Frame, 26” Wheels – New $1,316.70 $1,299.00

S/N SNIDC05 A1137


Schwinn Photo

Factory Photo Before Conversion


Schwinn is one of America’s icon’s that’s long been synonymous with quality and innovation in the bicycle industry since it’s beginning in 1895. Today, Schwinn continues to be a leader in the industry with innovative bikes & products. Even though most of their bikes are built in the Far East these days they are still built to Schwinn’s specifications & for the US market. Schwinn’s start at around $100 and go well above $1,300. With a $400 price tag I was expecting a pretty sturdy bike. I was not disappointed. This is an exceptionally fine bicycle. The Schwinn Sierra DSX adult comfort bicycle is a wonderful bike with or without the electric drive. It’s uni-sex design with a step through frame and up right riding position make it extremely comfortable for both men and women large or small. Everything about it is first-rate. It has everything required to become a first class e-bike. Strong lightweight frame, powerful & progressive brakes, quick, precise shifting, smooth riding & an infinitely adjustable riding position. What’s not to love? Its nice smooth & stable feel seems almost effortless to pedal around town. Although a little small for my 6’ 200lb. body, it’s highly adjustable handle bar set-up allowed me to adjust it for a fairly comfortable ride. To put that in perspective, my wife is 5’ 2” & the bike is a perfect fit for her. As a matter of fact she likes it so much that she wants to make it her own. Here’s what the manufacturer has to say, followed by my take on the first-rate E-BikeKit Conversion Kit installation.

Product description: Outfitted with a TIG-welded N’Litened 26-inch aluminum frame & patented Floatech suspension system, the Schwinn Sierra DSX adult comfort bike is a must for relaxed city or country riding. The bike is set up with such features as an SR/Suntour suspension fork with a dual pre-load adjustment system that accommodates all rider weights; an SRAM dual-drive three-speed hub and seven-speed cassette shifting system, which makes shifting more intuitive than ever; AutoPilot grip tires; and non-slip comfort pedals. The components add up to a superior riding experience whether commuting to work or zipping around the neighborhood.


  • Frame: Schwinn custom-drawn N’Litened Gold Label aluminum with new Schwinn dual suspension comfort geometry, semi-integrated head tube, epicenter seat stays, removable derailleur hanger, rack, and WB bosses

  • Fork: SR Suntour NEX 4000 alloy integrated crown, 1-piece alloy lowers, coil spring MCU with mini boots, 63 mm travel

  • Bottom bracket: TruVativ sealed cartridge 68 x 108 mm

  • Pedals: Nylon dual-compound comfort pedal

  • Rear derailleur: SRAM dual-drive 7 speed 

    Converted Schwinn
    EZgo Ride on a New Schwinn DSX
  • Shifters: SRAM 3 x 7 dual drive

  • Freewheel: SRAM 12-32T 7-speed cassette

  • Chain: UG-50

  • Rims: Alex X-101 anodized 36H

  • Tires: 26 by 1.9 inches, smooth-rolling Auto Pilot all-weather touring

  • Front hub: Formula-sealed alloy with alloy QR

  • Rear hub: SRAM 3-speed internal hub with freehub cassette

  • Spokes: Stainless-steel 14 gauge

  • Nipples: CP brass

  • Front brake: Tektro alloy linear pull with linear spring, power modulator, and multi-condition pads

  • Rear brake: Tektro alloy linear pull with linear spring and multi-condition pads

  • Brake levers: Tektro alloy composite 3-finger with reach adjust and Kraton insert

  • Handlebar: Aluminum alloy, 50 mm rise, 24-degree bend, 620 mm wide

  • Stem: Alloy adjustable, 55-degree movement with 180 mm quill insertion and front-load cap; sized to frame

  • Grips: Schwinn Auto Pilot ergonomic

  • Headset: FPD 1-1/8-inch semi-integrated threaded, sealed

  • Saddle: Schwinn SuperSoft elastomer-foam with special waterproof stretch cover

  • Seat post: Forged alloy with micro-adjust head, 26.8 x 350 mm

  • Seat clamp: Alloy clamp and QR

This bike alone would cost $431.64 unassembled from Amazon. com or $409.00 assembled from This particular bike however has been converted into an Electric Bicycle. This conversion along with a few additional options cost $ 1,299.00 That’s about what you’d pay for a department store E-Bike but our EZgo-Now E-Bike Conversion will deliver you twice the bike for the same cost or less.

E-BikeKit Gear drive hub

Light Weight & Quick


The following is the list of items that were added to this bike in order to convert it to an electric drive system. I have separated “the REQUIRED options” from “the ADDITIONAL options”. If your on a tight budget you can shave $204.09 from the total price by eliminating some of the “ADDITIONAL” things you can do with out for now. Keep in mind however that these extra items will cost as much as 50% more if added separately.


Electrify Your Bike


  • E-BikeKit with 350w to 450w peak 7 LB gear drive hub motor – $668.00
  • Rear Rack – $24.00


Additional options:

  • 38.4 volt 10 amp LiFeP04 7 LB. EZgo pack W/36 volt SLA charger – $177.00
  • Special LiFeP04 charger available for $22.00 addtional
  • Battery gauge with switch – “36 V Battery Fuel Guage – $16.75
  • Rear Axel Mount Kick stand – $16.00
  • Rear view mirror – $16.00
  • 5″ 5-Led Rear Bicycle Light – $5.95



Schwinn Sierra DSX with Convertsion Kit Installed & road tested.


Schwinn Sierra DSX

EZgo-Now DSX E-Bike Conversi

The Schwinn Sierra DSX adult comfort bicycle is a wonderful bike with or without the electric drive. It’s uni-sex design with a step through frame and up right riding position make it extremely comfortable for both men and women large or small. It is available in two sizes, large and small. Between the adjustable seat and it’s highly adjustable handlebar system those are the only two sizes anyone is ever likely to need. Please note that this conversion can be done on just about any bicycle although this Schwinn DSX makes for a great E-Bike. For this conversion and most of the E bike conversions that I do I used the E bike from

 Many of the miscellaneous items used for this conversion come from

The primary things I’m looking for I’m looking for in a bicycle to convert is a strong and sturdy frame, good chassis dynamics, proper gearing, good wheels and tires and very good brakes. The Schwinn Sierra has all of the above. Unfortunately some of the things that make this such a great bike also add slightly to the challenges of converting it to an electric drive. The unique frame design make it difficult to add some of the accessories required for an e- bike conversion & even some of the regular options many people like to have.The most important one is the addition of a rear rack to carry the battery pack. Another item that any E bike should have is a sturdy kick stand. One of the few complaints I read about most often in the reviews was the absence of a kickstand. A desirable feature on any bicycle of this nature. Finally the addition of the very nice three speed rear hub instead of a three speed front derailer limits the Sierra to a front drive E bike conversion only. Having said that, it’s important to note that I said these are challenges, not limitations. They have all been worked around without adding any major cost to the project. The end result happens to be one of the nicest low-cost E-Bikes I have ever built. It’s also a fairly lightweight conversion. Weighing in ay 54 Lbs fully loaded it’s roughly 17 Lbs heavy than the stock bike. The lightest conversion I have ever done weighed in at 47 Lbs, & that was a 24 volt battery pack on a very light weight Trek 800.

Bamboo Batteries from Clean Republic

One of the most expensive options I added on this conversation was using three of Clean Republics new 12V 10 amp LiFeP04 SLA replacement Batteries. They are an exact replacement for the 36 V 9 amp SLA battery which are assembled by E-BikeKit in Pa. Clean Republics batteries are also built in the USA but in the state of Washington.


Lithium-12v-lifepo4 SLA-replacement

Clean Republics Battery puts out 38.4 volts at 10 amps making it more powerful. Additionally its discharge curve is much flatter giving you more power for a longer period of time. The NUMBER ONE ADVANTAGE HOWEVER IS WEIGHT, or lack of. This battery pack weighs 7 Lbs versus 14 Lbs. That’s a significant savings when it sitting on top of your rear rack. With proper care they will last about 4 times longer & they are encased in Bamboo not plastic , making them much friendlier on the environment plus they are built-in the USA. they’re a great conversation piece to boot. “What type of batteries do you have Becky?” ” Well I’m using those new Bamboo Batteries John”. ” Uh,Hu & I’m using Hydrogen to power my Ford Pick Up”.


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