Mongoose MAXIM E-BikeKit Conversion $696.00

Rear drive, 36 Volt, 18″ frame & 26″ wheels

Mongoose Maxim

Factory Photo Before Conversion


A Basket Case no more.

What can I say? Buying online is always a surprise. Even when you have been buying from the same supplier for a while you’re never quite sure what to expect. So it goes with my latest acquisition, What was supposed to be 2012 19″ Mongoose XR200 used for display & demos turned out to be a 18″ Mongoose MAXIM . Demo Bike? Well, it must have been demo’d at the Bajha 200. 2012? I think so. It looks the same anyway. It arrived in such a state that after unpacking it and doing a quick inventory of what it needed I decided to stick it in a corner for a another other day. In the meantime I would order the parts, draft an “action plan” to help me get started & remember the details and I’d try not to beat myself to badly up over “THE GREAT BUY” I had just acquired.

That was a month ago. Last week the parts came and a few days later I pulled it from the corner. After a ho-hum & some head scratching I got to work. Like most jobs the hardest part is getting started. Now that I had a plan & enough parts to actually accomplish something bringing it back to life should be the easy part. Besides, this was going to be my first full suspension electric conversion so it had to be fun! EVERYTHING at my shop has to be an EZgo. After about an hour of further dismantling, washing, de-greasing, and general cleanup, I started to put the pieces and parts back together. I installed Shimano front and rear V brakes, new Bell Cables, two Lexco alloy crank arms & Avinir Pedals, a pair of SRAM racing grips along with some big & grippy Continental Vertical 26 x 2.3 tires & tubes. Then I out fitted it with a brand new gear drive E-BikeKit hub laced to their eyeleted double-walled rear rim with 13 gauge stainless steel spokes & 7-Speed Freewheel . Although not required I decided to install some optional stainless steel tourqe arms for additional strength. All that was needed now was the E-BikeKit throttle, a controller, some wiring, a rack, a battery bag and 36 volts of LiFeP04 battery power and I would be ready for a test spin.

This thing is great. I’m no light weight kid & I was flying through our big back yard with big knarley tree roots, landscape timbers & curbs at like 18 MPH & never felt out of control. When I was done riding I spent about another 1.5 hours dialing in the derailers, brakes & doing some final detail work. All in all it turned out to be a great conversion. I know I won’t get my money back out of this but it was a good education & lot of fun. It’s definatly something I’m proud to associate the EZco-Now name with.

The electric MTB experience

If mountain biking is more about exploring the mountains than exploring your physical limits you’ll especially appreciate the Gear Driven E-BikeKit. The ability to move very slowly over very uneven ground is greatly increased when you discover that your legs are no longer required to maintain a forward motion. This became readily apparent to me when crossing a rather large stream bed that was to deep to see the bottom. As rough as it was I was able to power through on electric alone while keeping my feet up & out in order to stay dry. (and for balance) You also seem better able to appreciate your surroundings when you’re not hyperventilating after those steep climbs to the top nor do you have those reservations about going down those steep hills in the first place knowing that you have to come back up. And a final note, by mounting both the motor & the power supply at the rear even those hills to steep to pedal back up are easier to climb because your MTB is now pulling both you & itself up out of that hole. I realize that if your 20 something & an experienced mountain biker these are not the things your going to think about prior to your next ride BUT, if your 50 something, well, you be the judge.

The 7 lb. gear drive E-BikeKit with its neat & tidy wiring & impressive electrical connections coupled with the smaller E-Bike Battery Bag from Wilderness Energy Systems & the Bamboo Cased LiFeP04 batteries from Clean Republic make for a super clean, powerful & light weight installation. The only additional hardware this installation took was an Avenir Cling-On Rear Rack to mount the battery bag, batteries & controller on. As the pictures indicate, this is a clean & stealthy installation. Only you & your riding partner will know this thing is electric. There is nothing loose, sloppy or protruding to get snagged by the brush & the small 11″ L x 7″ W x 6″ H Wilderness rack pack sits snugly behind the seat & at 8 low enough & light enough as to not feel in the least bit top-heavy. Hell my old lunch box strapped to the rack added more weight than that.

At a glance details:Mongoose Maxim Conversion

  • Mongoose MAXIM with E-BikeKit Conversion with thumb throttle & battery guage
  • Rear Gear Drive E-BikeKit Hub Motor 450 Watt Peak
  • 38.4 volt 10 amp LiFeP04 Battery Pack
  • 26″ Wheels & Continental Vertical 26 x 2.3 tires
  • Bike Weight: 39 lb
  • Total weight 54 lbs
  • Suspension: Dual Suspension with adjustable rear shockFrame: 18 inch Aluminum

Read below for the full details.

Designed for peak performance under rugged conditions, the 26″, 21-speed Mongoose MGX Maxim will tackle all your off-road and in-city journeys with ease. It offers an alloy frame with a dual-suspension, which adds a heavy duty shock absorber to the back wheel in addition to the front fork suspension. This full suspension provides more comfort and greater control as you attack the trails or jump the curbs. It has 21-speed shifting with a Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM MRX shifting. Other features include a comfortable ATB anatomical saddle, lightweight alloy rims with MTB hubs, alloy linear pull brakes, chunky MTB wheels, 3-piece crank, and an MTB handlebar and stem.

Mongoose MAXIM Details:

  • Bike Type & Style: Men’s Dual Suspension All Terrain/Mountain
  • Wheel Size: 26 in.
  • Frame: 18″ Aluminum
  • Suspension forks & rear mono shock smooths bumps and increases control
  • SRAM twist shifters change gears easilyMaxim E-BikeKit Conversion
  • Speeds: 21
  • Brakes are Shimano alloy linear pull brakes
  • 3-piece crank with Avinar resin pedals
  • Alloy rims for light weight durability
  • Continental Vertical 26 x 2.3 tires
  • Weight: 40 lb.
  • Length: 68 in.
  • Width: 23 in.
  • Height: 41 in.
E-BikeKit Details:
  • 1 x Hand-Built Wheel w/ Disc Hub Motor
  • 1 x 36/48V 20A Brushless Motor controllers x Throttles (1 Thumb & 1 Split-Twist
    2 x E-Brake Handles (left & right)
  • 1 x Wire harness w/ connectors
    1 x Extension Wire – Motor
  • 1 x Extension Wire – Throttle/E-BrakesWilderness Energy Systems
  • 1 x Owner’s Manual
  • 1 x Universal Torque Arm – Stainless Steel
  • 1 x 7-Speed Freewheel (rears only)
    1 x Battery Bag (Wilderness Energy Systems )
  • 1 x 36 V 10 amp LiFeP04 Battery Pack (Clean Republic)
  • Motor Specifications:
  • Motor: Internally Geared Hub Motor ( 6-bolt ISO disc brake compatible)
  • Power: Geared = 350-450w peaks
  • Wheel: USA Hand-Built Wheel w/ Heavy Duty Double-Walled/Eyeletted Rim & Steel Spokes & Hub
  • Weight: Geared 7 Pounds
  • Warranted: 1 Year

    Wilderness bag with Batteries & controller

Every E-BikeKit hub motor wheel has been hand-built by a professional wheel builder at Electric Bike Technologies LLC. It is stress tested during the building process to ensures that each E-BikeKit wheel will be true, round and perfect out of the box.
  • Speed: Top Speed is about 18mph on level ground with no rider assist
  • Range: between 12 & 15 miles on level ground with no rider assist. (moderate pedaling will double that)
  • Charging Time: 4hrs – 8hrs (depending on battery and charger type)

Click here for more information on Bamboo Batteries

With the Men’s Mongoose All-Terrain Bike with a rear mounted gear driven E-BikeKit Hub & 36 volt 10 amp LiFeP04 battery Pack you can hit the rough terrain, trails or smooth roads with comfort, speed & confidence. The Mongoose aluminum suspension frame and alloy rims make this men’s mountain bike lightweight and durable enough to withstand the rough stuff. Even with the electric motor & batteries it still weighs a modest 54 lbs and the extra tourque from that gear driven hub motor makes that additional 15 lbs disappear in a hurry. The SRAM grip-shifters let you change quickly through 21 gears & the additional tourqe from the hub motor provides an incredible degree of control on hilly & rocky terrain or stop & go traffic. The big 26 tires roll smoothly over pavement, grass, and the roughest of terrains. The upgraded front & rear Shimano Linier pull V brakes work impressively well & provide good feedack..This Mongoose Maxim mountain bike offers a combination of features that ensure a safe, memorable, and adventurous ride. The addition of the gear drive E-BikeKit make this even more so & almost effortless as well.

Please read “Bike Review: $199 Mongoose XR200 Full Suspension” for an independent review of the base bike and the ” E-BikeKit Review” for an in-depth review of the E-BikeKit. The “E-BikeKit Blog” has additional stories & applications about e bike kits.

Some average On-Line Prices for this bike are:

  • Amazon $219.99 w/free freight

  • WalMart $198.00 in-store pick-up

The price for this reconditioned Mongoose prior to conversion is $110.00 All of our bikes with or with out conversions are professionally assembled, set-up & tested.

  • 2012 Mongoose Maxim MTB (re-conditioned) – $110.00Electrify Your Bike

  • – Kit & 36 V SLA battery – $668.00

  • Optional EZgo 38.4 volt 10 amp LiFeP04 Battery Pack – $177.00

  • Rear Rack – Avenir Cling-On Seatpost Rack – $24.00

  • Optional 36 V Battery Fuel Guage – $17.00


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