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“Night Rider” – 2011 Marrin Pioneer Trail 22″ Frame 26 x 2.0” Flat Resistant Kenda Kwick Roller Sport tires Suntour XCT forks & X-Lite MTB Suspension Seat Post 1000 Watt DD E-BikeKit & 48V 10Ah LiFeP04 Battery w/Charger Full LED Dash w/Cree XM-L LED Headlight & LED running lights Fender, Cargo Rack, Axiom Panniers, H.D. Rear Kickstand Smooth, Sharp, Fast, Safe & Convenient
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This latest project was a little different from most in that it would be for my use. It would be my transportation and a test platform for many the components I use & review. More importantly & most significantly, it would be Show Piece for promoting the EZgo-Now.com web-site & shop. This needed to look as if this was a high-end, factory – built E-Bike. Sleek, fast, fully functional, safe and practical for everyday commuter use. I dubbed this bike the “Night Rider” & it would be my every day ride.

OK,… So the donor bike is this jet black 2011 Marrin Pioneer Trail mountain bike. it’s a large VERY SHINEY BLACK bike with a 22″ frame, Suntour XCT, front suspension, 21 Spd. Shimano & Shimano V brakes. Since this is to be a fast commuter e-bike, I first replaced the stock Geax Saguaro, 26 x 2.0” tires with a pair of 26 x 2.0” Kenda Kwick Roller Sports lined with Anti-Flat Slime Tube Protectors. (flats are no fun. Especially when the rear wheel has a 14lb. hub motor attached to it.) The E bike kit used would be a 500/1000 Watt direct drive unit from E-BikeKit. Since this bike would also be used for testing & gathering performance data I decided not use the 2013 E-BikeKit with the new LCD display as I had first intended but used the 2012 kit with a 2013 Rear D.D. hub motor instead. I installed a Watts-Up Meter for analyzing power use & battery health along side of a Bell 12 function cycling computer for gathering performance data. The power (for now) would come from (4) 12V 10Ah Bamboo Cased LiFePO4 batteries built & sold by Clean Republic. (The Hill Topper guys)

The 2011 Marrin is a 21 speed MTB using Shimano a 14/34 7 Speed Shimano Gear Cluster and the Shimano trigger shifters. (2012 & newer Marrin’s are 24 spd.) It was a perfect match for the 14/28 7 Speed Shimano Gear Cluster that comes on the new 2013 E-BikeKits. The Marrin’s use of trigger shifters allowed me to use motorcycle style throttle. The rear rack is a modified double-decker rack from E-BikeKit.com. (4) 12V 10 Ah LiFeP04 Bamboo batteries from Clean Republic lay flat on a 1/8″ Luann ply wood deck on the lower section and the E-Bike Controller is on the underside of the deck. Since the sides of the batteries are exposed the otherwise good-looking natural bamboo batteries had to be finished with a buffed aluminum look using silver vinyl covering & black detailing tape. The weather proof controller is mounted on the underside of the rack to maximize the airflow around it. This is critical to the health of any controller.

Although this configuration puts the entire weight of the components at the rear, by mounting the batteries tight & low on the deck the weight is kept low & mostly above or in front of the rear axle. The Marrin’s frame geometry does an excellent job of distributing the rider’s weight from just above the front of the rear wheel to directly above the front wheel. Not only does this provide a person of my size with good initial weight distribution the Marrin’s roomy frame size allows for lots of rider adjustment or on-the-fly fine tuning with some body english. This weight distribution is also hugely beneficial in jumping obstacles like curbs, downed tree limbs, road kill, etc. Maneuvering your bike while dismounted is easier as well because even though it’s heavy as a bike goes, that rear weight bias coupled with the use of the rear brake allows you to stand you bike on its tail & spin it around any which way you’d like. It’s also great for dragging it;s self & you up any flight of steps or steep incline. The old argument that states “the weight of the e-bike kit should be evenly distributed by placing the batteries & the hub motor at opposite ends of the bike” doesn’t carry much weight with me.

 Like most mountain bikes the Marrin Pioneer Trail comes with exactly what is needed to speed down that trail or through the brush, as fast as you can ride. Lights, mirrors, kickstands, gauges are all added weight. Consequently in order to change the Marrin “Pioneer Trail” explorer into Marrin the “Night Rider” ultra-commuter, it was necessary to add a few accessory items along with number of misc. brackets, paint, decal vinyl, fasteners, wire, electrical connectors, shrink tube & zip ties. From front to back the options list looks like this;

Marrin E-Bike

Front view of the nearly complete “Night-Rider”Click here for a contact form if you’d like more information. 



E-Bike Options & Accessories:
  • Pair of “26 x 2.00 Kenda Kwick Roller Sport” $46 lined with anti-flat liners. The Bike Smiths EBay.com
  • Pair of Anti-Flat “Slime Bicycle Tire Liners” $11 Amazon.com
  • Front Fender “PROLINE FRONT XC CARBON” $33 with custom bracket, detailed w/ black vinyl.Amazon.com
  • “Extreme LED Blinky” (CLEAR) from Planet Bike $16 set of 2 +s/h Fender mount w/custom bracket Amazon.com
  • “Planet Bike Blinky adapter” $6 +s/h Amazon.com
  • “Carbon Fiber Computer/Light Mount” for Extra Space $15 EBay.com
  • “Bell DASHBOARD 100 12 Function Cyclocomputer“.$13 Amazon.com
  • “NEW Cree XM-L T6 LED 1600-Lumens Bicycle Headlight” $26 w/ 6400mAh Bat. & 1600LM LED Amazon.com
  • “Watts-Up WU100-B Meter” by R/C ELECTRONICS. $50 +s/h Painted black w/custom mounting bracket. Amazon.
  • “Third Eye Bar End Bicycle Mirror“. $11 Amazon.com
  • ” BICYCLE WATER BOTTLE CAGE” $7. Americas General Store Direct EBay.com
  • “Aluminum Water Bottle” 28 ounce. $8 Americas General Store Direct EBay.com
  • X-Lite “Mountain Bike Suspension/Shock Saddle/Seat Post” 26.8mm $28 EBay.com
  • “Extreme LED RED blinky” from Planet Bike $16 set of 2 +s/h Seat mounted with custom bracket. Amazon.com
  • “Planet Bike Blinky adapter” $6 Amazon.com
  • “Rear Mountain Bike MTB Fender” $13 (1-set) painted black & detailed w/ vinyl with custom bracket. EBay.com
  • “Rear Mount Oversize Kickstand” $17 by Greenfield SKS2BC (Black, 285mm) Amazon.com
  • “Axiom Appalachian Rear panniers” 1,220 Cu. Inch. $34 Amazon.com
  • Rear “BICYCLE & WALKING FLASHER safety light “. $4 Americas General Store Direct EBay.com
  • Misc. brackets, fasteners, paint, shop supplies. $16
TOTAL E-Bike Options & Accessories: $ 377.00
To look at or purchase any of the above bicycle accessories see Bicycle Accessories for this same list with hot links.

Bike & Primary E-Bike Conversion Components:


TOTAL Bike & Primary Components: $ 1,537.00
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Night Rider

So how does thing run? In a word, … SooWEEeT!,…
This is a BIG bike & I’m just a tad over 6′ & 200 lbs. With the bars down & set back, the seat all the way down & forward it’s an excellent fit for me & superbly stable at a top speed of 37 mph. That said, if the bars & seat set where set to the other extreme, this 22″ frame should easily accommodate someone 6’4″ or larger.
The road handling is great & I’ve yet to drag a low hanging pedal in the sharpest turn or the fastest sweeper. I’m running the street tires at 35 PSI in the front & 50 PSI in the rear. The brakes are powerful with an incredibly precise feel right up to locking the tires. I’m sure a quality disc brake will out-perform & out-last these V brakes in extreme conditions, but for even the hardest urban use I’m not so sure a disc brake is worth the extra cost or weight. At 68 lbs the Night-Rider is not a light weight but with the weight carried tight & low it detracts little from its quick & accurate handling. It does however, help in giving it that rock solid confident feel & comfortable ride. The Suntour XCT front forks & X-Lite “MTB Suspension Seat Post also helps with that comfortable ride as do the upright riding position provided by the large & sturdy frame. Built as a fast, safe, stealthy & well equipped commuter, it is all of those things & more.
Those Axiom Panniers on the back hold all of my gear & still leave room on top for tying stuff down or a trunk bag. A Cree XM-L T6 LED 1600-Lumens Headlight, a pair of front & rear “Extreme LED Blinky” lights from Planet Bike, a rear LED flasher & a liberal use of reflective tape all around provides plenty of visibility & light to see by or to be seen. Fenders, kick stand, H2O bottle bracket w/bottle & full instrumentation round out the package.
Having everything needed to carry your gear & make your ride comfortable is great but it still needs to get you there & back in a reasonable amount of time. For me, the faster the better. If the testing I have done so far is at all close to what I expect to get in my long-term continued testing, then I have the real winner with Night-Rider. To-date I have tested this bike using both 48 volt 10 Ah (51.2V) LiFeP04 & 60 volt 10 Ah (64.0V) LiFeP04 battery configurations. ***The longest monitored testing to date has been done was at 64.0 volts which is (5) Clean Republic 12 volt 10 Ah LiFeP04 SLA replacement batteries. That’s (4) on the rack & (1) in the sack (the saddle bag) For testing purposes, I can easily configure this bike to run at 36, 48, 60 or 72 volts. My initial testing shows nearly undiminished performance for 3 hrs. Or 40 miles. This is under my average e-bike riding conditions. (200 lbs of me in PA terrain using more e-power than me-power) My maximum current draw during testing was 22 amps in both 48 V & 60 volt configurations. Since volts X amps = Watts I’ve concluded that the folks at E-BikeKit.com make no exaggerations when rating there DD hub motor as capable of safely producing 1,000 watts of power. My Watts-Up Meter shows enough power consumption for something closer to 1,500 watts. Top speed at 51.2 volts on the flat with no help from me is a consistent 25 mph. At 64 volts that jumps to 30 mph. My top recorded speed at 64V on a sight downhill grade in 3 block stretch was 36.8 mph. Since I was still drawing over 12 amps when a stop sign forced me to back off I may have made it to 40 mph.
For comparative purposes, the cheapest e-bike I found on-line with a similar performance potential & a modern appearance is the 48 volt Prodeco V3 Outlaw SE 8 Speed Electric Bicycle from Amazon.com for $2,199. This bike would require at least $200 in options to be similarly equipped to the Night-Rider, but that said, It’s a great looking bike that I’d love to test out. Everything else I found, good-looking or otherwise, was over $3,000.

Night Rider


  • Night-Rider by EZgo-Now (Built using a dealer installed kit)
  • Night-Rider – 011 Marrin Pioneer Trail w/E-BikeKit DD 500/1000W
  • $2,106.00 – 48V 10 amp LiFeP04
  • Watts-Up Power Meter & Bell Cyclocomputer
  • 500 watt/1000 watt peak Direct Drive Hub Motor
  • 26 mph Speed
  • 25-30 Mile Distance
  • 68 lbs. with all accessories installed.


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*** (The current controller is not warranted for use above 48 volts.) Although the controller will handle up to 60 volts of continues light duty use, Any regular use above 48 volts can smoke the controller & the higher the voltage the faster that will happen. Consequently, unless I upgrade or replace it I’ve limited myself t 60 volts or less.