NEW RIDEKICK TRAILER That’s Ready To Roll at $699.00


RideKick Trailers will push your bike



This is an update to an old article I wrote just about a year ago. I was so impressed with the RideKick Trailer Idea when it was announced that I had to write about it as soon as I read about. The article started like this”:

Yes you did read the title correctly……. This is a propelled Electric Trailer. It pushes your bike. Making any bike an e-bike any time you hook the RIDEKICK trailer to it.

Well, a year later it’s in production & I’m still so impressed with it and have read so many positive reviews about it that I decided to become a RideKick Dealer. YES,… I sell them. You can buy them locally at my shop here in Carlisle PA OR you can buy them on on-line through my web site in which case they’ll be dropped shipped direct from RideKick in Fort Collins, CO to your front door for an additional $39.00. The actual cost of the trailer is the same at $699.00. Buy it local & you’ll save the freight plus I will assemble it, hook it to your bike & give you complete operating instructions. AND you can try-it before you buy it.


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RIDEKICK ——– What a great idea at the perfect time. This fits so well with so many things that’s going on in the world at the moment. It’s a perfect solution for those of us who want to reduce their dependence on the grid a little, become a little bit less dependent on fossil fuel. It’s super easy to do and a pretty darn small investment. You’ll keep your regular bike unchanged but start using it a whole lot more.  By adding additional cargo capacity and the conveyance of having an e-bike you’ll be able to use it for commuting to work, running errands or just for fun and exercise.

How many of us maintain an extra vehicle just as a spare or for running some quickie errand to the grocery store or hardware store? How many of those trips are two miles or less. What’s the cost of that 6′ X 16′ 4,000 Lb. vehicle by the way? Ya, I know it’s probably paid for but it still cost $1,500 a rear for insurance, $40.00 for registration, $120 per year for inspection & emission check, at least $300 for where & tear parts , plus gas, maybe parking? Get rid of that vehicle & purchase a RIDEKICK electric trailer to put behind that bike you rarely ride. Not only will you see significant savings but your sure to see health benefits, reduce stress and you’ll be doing your part to help the environment.

Now for my personal take on this contraption. Well,…. it’s slicker than Marvel Mystery Oil In A Teflon funnel. It’s way more fun than my first Etch-A-Sketch was and it made me smile as much as the first ride I ever took on my buddies Sears & Robuck Mini Bike. All in all I really can’t think of anything else that you can un-box and start having this much fun in 20 minutes or less. The RIDEKICK is a motorized bicycle trailer, that gives a power boost to any standard non-motorized bicycle. Although some cycling purists may sneer at you for talking about electric bicycles, they certainly do come in handy when hills need to be climbed on those early morning commutes, or loads need to be hauled. Unfortunately E-bikes themselves can become pretty pricey depending on how you go about obtaining one. In addition if you purchase one from your local department store their liable to be fairly heavy and awkward to use as a standard bike. That’s one of the neatest features of the RIDEKICK. The motorized trailer quickly hooks onto your existing bicycle, pushing you & your ride to speeds up to 20 MPH for a distance of up to 15 miles depending on how much pedaling your willing to do. When you want your bike back, just pull the pin & secure the cord & your BACK on our way.

The RIDEKICK comes standard with 24-volt sealed lead acid battery pack. It takes about six hours to charge a battery that’s been run down below 60% or so. Like any lead acid battery it should be charged after each use regardless of the amount of time it was used, Power is delivered to the left wheel via a 500-watt brushed motor. Speed is controlled by a handlebar-mounted thumb throttle, that runs back to the trailer.

There is also a more powerful lighter weight, longer lasting and considerably more expensive lithium battery available as well. Personally I would start with the standard battery. If you use your trailer a lot and or don’t take proper care of your lead acid batteries it might only last for a year or so anyway. By then you’ll know whether or not you need more capacity. Another option for additional capacity is to buy a 2nd SLA Battery Pack from RideKick for $138.00 delivered. OR,…. Visit your local discount battery store or Auto Parts Store & buy (2) 12 Volt 12 Ah batteries for less than $40 each & wire them together in a series. You’ll need about 6′ of 12 gauge wire, 4 crimp-on spade connectors & (1) set of 30 amp Anderson Power Pole connector. This to should be available at the battery store as well & will cost under $10. When you your ready to put it together just open up the original RideKick battery & you’ll see exactly what to do. If it takes more than 30 minuets it’s because you got interrupted.

ONE WORD OF CAUTION! Be Safe. Wear safety glasses & make sure there is no flammables nearby. There is a lot of juice in those batteries & it’s easy to make an accidental spark. I’ve personally melted a lot of stuff over the years.

This is a very well-engineered and good-looking trailer. If the lid seems a little flimsy to you,… well think again. The very first day I had it was quite windy. I left it parked right out side of the shop. 15 minuets late I come back to find the bike had fallen over, the lid came of  & it was on the other side of the driveway. GREAT, I’ve owned it less than two hours & I already broke it. Actually there was no damage at all. The lid simply snaps on & of with some heavy hard rubber hinges & the lid & the rest of the plastic body is made out of a tupperware type of plastic. Meaning it’s very flexible and very strong.  GOOD JOB RIDEKICK!

It is fully independent of the bike, so it can be used if & when it’s needed, and requires no modifications to your standard, everyday bike. It will fit most bikes & it’s well-balanced, low profile design coupled with its unique hitch which is connected by a heavy & sturdy spring makes this thing tracks like it’s not even their other than the nice little boost you get when you hit the throttle. You can easily change the hitch & the throttle from one bike to another in about 10 minutes, however, if it turns out you find everybody in the house hold is wanting to use the RideKick you can purchase and extra hitch for $13.00 & a throttle for $38.00. That will turn a 10 minute job into a 10 second hook-up.

Don’t let those hills get in your way. Call, email or stop by EZgo-Now & test ride one today. If you’d prefer to just order one on-line, Click RIDEKICK & go directly to the source. TYPE EZgo-Now into the PROMO BOX on the order page & receive a $25.00 Discount.

RIDEKICK on Diamondback RoadBike

RIDEKICK attached to a Diamondback Road Bike

Here is what RIDEKICK has to say:

Cycle more, sweat less and have FUN!
Bicycle to work without a sweat.
Ride to the store instead of driving.
Boost up hills and into the wind.
The trailer has a quiet electric motor inside.
Hook it up to YOUR favorite bike.
The RIDEKICK power trailer pushes you and your bike up to 19 mph.

The RIDEKICK hitch system works on most bicycles. However, there are a few axle set-ups that may require minor modification to the RIDEKICK hitch. Take a look at “will it fit my bike” on the RIDEKICK blog to see how the hitch system will work with your bicycle.

If you have multiple bikes in your garage and find yourself changing the hitch and throttle from one bike to the other on a regular basis you can also buy an extra hitch for $13 and an extra throttle four $38. This will turn the job of attaching the trailer to multiple bikes from a 10 minute job to a 10 second job. It’s pretty much guaranteed that once one person in the family tries it they’re going to want to use it again and again. It’s just that much fun and that useful. Click here for some testimonials written by RIDEKICK customers to get some ideas on how other folks use their ride RIDEKICK.