Ready For Commuting Schwinn Crest Urban Men’s Hybrid E-Bike Conversion 17″ Frame, 700c Wheels – New $799

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Schwinn with E-BikeKit

The Schwinn Crest Urban Men’s Hybrid is a wonderful bike with or without the electric drive. It’s large wheels, up right riding position, front suspension & large shock mounted seat make it extremely comfortable for just about any guys from 5′ 8″ to 6′. It’s overall smallish frame & down swept cross-bar make it reasonably comfortable for many female riders as well. Between the adjustable seat and it’s highly adjustable handlebar system it’s difficult NOT to find a comfortable riding position.. Please note that this conversion can be done on just about any bicycle INCLUDING YOUR OWN. Many of these Schwinn hybrids make for great E-Bike conversions. For this conversion and most of the E bike conversions that I do I use an E bike System from The Base Battery Pack included in the price are 36 volt 9 amp SLA Batteries. Higher voltage SLA’s & Lithium type batteries are available for an additional charge. For this conversion I choose the 1000 watt peak direct drive rear kit from & choose their 48 V 9 amp SLA Batteries. Many of the miscellaneous items I used for this conversion come from the Bike Commuter Store at You can buy a complete Base Conversion Kit & install it on your own bike for as little as $668.00. This exact kit would cost $693.00 plus shipping.

Crest w/Trunk Bag
Schwinn Crest & kit W/ Battery Bag on top
Crest E-Bike
Schwinn Crest as described w/saddle bags

The primary items I’m looking for I’m looking for in a bicycle to convert is a light yet strong and sturdy frame, good chassis dynamics, proper gearing, good wheels and tires and very good brakes. The Schwinn Crest has all of the above.The most important accessory required on many bikes is the addition of a rear rack to carry the battery pack. The Schwinn Crest came equipped. Another item that every E bike needs & most utility bikes should have is a sturdy kick stand.This Schwinn required an upgraded rear mount kick stand. Because I wanted the maximum bang for the buck I choose the heavier & cheaper SLA batteries for this conversion & jumped from 36 volt to 48 volts. The results were pretty much what I expected. A lot of power and speed for not a whole lot of money. The down side is weight. Between the heavier direct drive motor (14 lbs.) & the way heavy SLA batteries (22 lbs) this bike weighs in at 88 lbs. In order to keep this weight manageable I had to forgo the very nice E-BikKit Battery Bag that sits on top of the rack & build a light weight battery box to slip inside a set of AXIOM – APPALACIAN Panniers that hang below the rack. The end result happens to be a very nicely balanced bike with a lot of speed, decent range & low price. The panniers also give you some additional storage space & will easily handle the much lighter lithium batteries if you decide to upgrade. If you do upgrade you’ll get a lot better range, a much flatter discharge curve & yes a very big weight savings. In addition if you’re not crazy about saddlebags the lithium batteries can set up on top of the rack in a little battery bag.

Inside of Battery Box & Saddle Bag

Inside of Battery Box & Saddle Bag

1 Bag w/box insert

Left bag NO battery Box – Right bag w/Battery Box

With a going price of around $350 I bought this Schwinn Crest Hybrid not knowing for sure if it would be sturdy enough for an electric bike conversion or not. As it turns out this is not only a very nice bicycle but it has the requirements required for a quality conversion. Not only does this bike look & feel more expensive than it is, if it’s going to be a bike that’s used day in & day it should hold up very well with very little maintenance. The aluminum frame is stiffer & lighter than the entry-level Shwinns & the larger 700c wheels make the bike roll easier, smother & gives it great stopping power. The fit and finish is quite good as well. The components are similar to the lesser Schwinns but they work exceptionally well in this bike. It has a very nice smooth & stable feel & seems almost effortless to pedal around town. In addition it’s highly adjustable handle bar set-up allows you to truly customize the fit of this bike to your body size, shape & your riding preference. Here’s what the manufacturer has to say.


Product Features:

  • Men’s hybrid bike with 17-inch aluminum hybrid frame
  • TX-31 rear derailleur & SRAM 21-speed grip shifters
Crest w/Bags
Bags hang square & Straight w/batter boxes
  • SR Suntour suspension fork and steel-cage platform pedals
  • 700cc rims and smooth-rolling 700 x 38c hybrid tires
  • Schwinn hybrid saddle; alloy linear pull brakes
  • Schwinn Crest Urban Men’s Hybrid Bike Weight: 41 pounds
  • Frame: 17-inch aluminum hybrid
  • Fork: SR Suntour suspension
  • Crankset: Suntour alloy with 28/38/48T
  • Bottom bracket: Cotterless 3-piece
  • Pedals: Steel-cage platform pedal
  • Front derailleur: SR Suntour
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano TX-31
  • Shifters: SRAM grip shift
  • Cog set: 13-28, 7-speed freewheel
  • Chain: KMC Z-51
  • Rims: Alloy, with 24-hole grouped spokes and ground sidewalls

    Thumb Throttle

    Thumb Throttle

  • Hubs: Alloy with front QR
  • Spokes: 14G black
  • Tires: 700 x 38c hybrid
  • Brakes: Alloy linear pull
  • Brake levers: Alloy 4 finger
  • Handlebar: Schwinn hybrid riser bar
  • Stem: Alloy adjustable
  • Grip: Schwinn dual-density Kraton
  • Saddle: Schwinn hybrid
  • Seat post: Alloy


The Average On-Line Price is:

$349.99 + FREE Shipping at Assembly required

$594.98 + Freight at Sears. Assembly required

$599.97 + Free Shipping at EBay. Assembly required

You’d pay $319.00 for this same bike from professionally assembled & set-up or purchase it already converted, adjusted & road tested for $1,121.00. CLEARNCE PRICED @ $799.00 Here is how how that breaks down:

Base E-Bike Conversion

  • Schwinn Crest Urban Men’s Hybrid – $319.00

  • EbikeKit 750 to 1000 watt direct drive rear kit – $668.00

  • Total Base Conversion $987.00

Rear Direct Drive Hub
Greenfield Kickstand & Direct Drive Hub Motor
Direct drive e-bike kit w/battery
Complete E-BikeKit – click for Detaills


  • 48 volt 9 amp SLA Battery Upgrade – $25.00

  • Saddle Bags – AXIOM – APPALACIAN $42.00

  • Saddle Bag Battery Box (pair) – $30.00

  • Rear mount kick stand $14.00

  • Digital Volt Meter N/C

  • Rear view mirror $16.00

  • Water Bottle Cage W/ Bottle – $7.00

  • Total Options $134.00

  • Total Base Conversion with options $1,121 CLEARANCE PRICED @  $799.00

This bike is for local pick-up only in Carlisle, PA. Please call (717) 497-9917, email or use any of the contact forms on our web-site if your interested in this bike.

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