The LEED Battery Bag

The Leed Battery Bag sells for $39.00 at LEED e-bike kits and many other on line retailers and was my choice recently when I needed to add more battery capacity to the EZgo-Now E-bike click here for story. I did not need a large bag and since Night Rider was a showpiece for the business appearance was of the utmost importance.


Click for LEED Frame Bag.Review

That said, the top four factors influencing my purchasing decision would be size, appearance, quality and price.
The Leed Battery Bag satisfied those top three factors beautifully with it’s low cost and unobtrusive appearance. Since I was adding a smaller battery pack in addition to the larger previously installed battery pack inside the rear rack I did not need a huge bag nor did I need extra pockets. Most large or full-size frame bags interfere with the traditional water bottle mounts. Although not a deal breaker by any means if I could keep my water bottle where it was, then all the better. The Leed Battery Bag did this for me but only because I did not fill it to capacity. Had I done that I would have had to replaced my expensive stainless steel 16 ounce water bottle with a 12 ounce one or lowered the bracket by at least 3 inches.

The Leed Battery Bag sells for about $39.00 delivered & comes in small, medium and large. It’s sold by Leed Bicycle Solutions located in Mountain Green, Utah. All of the comments and customer reviews I have read about the Leed Battery Bag were positive although I could not find any long term reviews. All three sizes have the same 3 inches wide x 6 inches tall measurement……….continue reading

Matt’s picks for E-Bike Books & Blogs. The more you know the easier your task becomes.

I am both an avid reader, a cycling enthusiast, I’m Passionate about all forms of electrically assisted transportation, mechanics & renewable energy. Add to that my fascination with anything thing electronic & it should come as no surprise that I have been enthusiastically using & promoting “E book readers since they first came on the scene some 25 years ago.

My first review is a very pricey $47.00 digital download from Click Bank, a rather dubious source for quality e-books but occasionally you’ll come across a good one. Greg’s 50 MPH ELECTRIC BIKE IS ONE OF THOSE. It’s a PDF format. This can be read on a Kindle or similar e-Reader but as a technical reference & how to book I prefer just reading it on the laptop or PC.  Most of the remaining books are eBooks from for the hand held Kindle’s or the FREE PC or MAC Downloadable eBook Reader.Their priced from cheap to free.

Bikes and E bikes, just like planes, trains and automobiles have been around since the turn of the century & run the gamut from basic transportation to high performance racing machines. Consequently the information available on the subject of cycling, bikes & E-Bikes is every-bit as diverse & interesting as the bikes themselves. Whether your new to E-Bikes & need some help in getting started, you’ve already been bitten by the E-Bike Bug & need to know more or you simply enjoy both reading & cycling, I’m sure you’ll find something of value from the e-books I’ve reviewed below. I believe every book I’ve chosen to be well written, researched & backed up with references. Regardless of the type of book, from how to books. to a history of motorized biking, The goal of all them is to help promote or re-introduce cycling as a practical, fun, healthy & environmentally responsible form of everyday transportation.

Ultimately, the wide range of types, styles & theories coupled with the long history of the powered bicycle provides a wealth of information for today’s E-bike builder or buyer. In the beginning you will have to decide what you want your bike to do. Things like how far will you be going, what are traveling conditions, how much money can you spend, is the fit, finish & overall appearance important to you, etc.. This is just a few of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself. After deciding on building a bike for practical transportation or building a 30 MPH sport bike, at some point you’ll have to get down deciding which specific products to buy. Take heart, the following books & web-sites will illustrate, much of what you need to know & why you need to know it. This is your project, the options are numerous & your results depends entirely on how much time, imagination, money & effort your willing to put forth.


Starting with the last book I read titled;” Build Your Own 50 MPH Electric Bike” by Greg Davey PDF Download from Click Bank Digital List Price: $47.00

Building a 55 MPH Bike

Well written, accurate, no bull & very technical. Something for anyone. However, if you looking to build a basic, low tech e-bike from an already well engineered conversion kit from a reputable company like, this may be more information than you need. For me, even at $47 it was a great addition to my library. (I paid $27 because I promised to promote it If I thought it was any good. 
It is. Click Here for Web-Page!

Greg’s EBook gets straight to the core of how to build a very fast e-bike. No chit chat here. This is a very straight forward, well illustrated, well written technical how to book. It is loaded with pictures, step by step instructions, technical specifications, links to various suppliers and a little bit of electrical theory thrown in for good measure. Although expensive, this book contains lots of useful information at many levels and should be useful to anybody that’s planning on building or converting their own E bike, It is however, definitely written for the mechanically inclined, technically savvy and highly ambitious do it your self-er. It should not be your first book unless you are already well on your way to knowing what you want. I’m in the E-Bike Business & consequently it is worth it’s weight in gold for me.Continue reading

“Rear Mount Oversize Kickstand” by Greenfield SKS2BC  (Black, 285mm)

Greenfield SKS2BC

Any bicycle, electric or otherwise, that is used for transportation or commuting will benefit tremendously from a kickstand. Not only does it make parking your bike easier, it will extend the life & looks of your bike considerably. Kickstands are seldom included on today’s bikes since they add to both cost & weight. Two items where less is always better. In addition, in the US anyway, bikes are seldom considered as transportation but are most often used for recreation, sport or physical fitness. None of these activities benefit greatly from the use of a kickstand. Purchase a bike almost anywhere else in the world however & it probably WILL have a kickstand.

Consequently, there are plenty of after-market kickstands available at stores or online for $10 to $25. Some of these are pretty good but few if any of them will work well for bikes weighing over 45 lbs. which is just about any e-bike. Read good kickstands at a great price for information on some of those. If you have a bike shop in your town go there & chances are pretty good that you’ll get a  good one that actually fits & they might even install it for you.  Otherwise, you can start your on-line shopping with the links at the end of this article. Continue reading greenfield-rear-mount-kickstand

Skip my rambling’s & purchase:

NOTE: If unsure of length purchase the longer one. These can be easily cut with a good hacksaw.

Watt’s-Up Meter & Power Analyzer Model # WU100 Version 2Watt's Up Meter

I am constantly fascinated at the wide variety of parts & equipment available through and at consistently great prices to boot.

So fascinated in fact that I’m going to make “My Picks Page” a regular feature in For right now however I’ll continue with where I started as I tend to get easily side tracked. And one more thing …

I really want a Cycle Analyst for my E-Bike. I can’t continue strapping my $400.00 Fluke Meter to my handle bars. Unfortunately $120.00 is not in the budget at the moment. So… In the process of checking out some of the components I might use for building something similar I discovered that had the “Watt’s Up” meter for $52.37 + $4.75 shipping. That’s a good price.

The Watt’s Up meter has been very popular with hobbyist & electronics buffs for years & more recently has been adopted by many in the E-Bike community. For some of the many uses of a Watt’s Up meter on your E-Bike visit Endless & do a search for the “Watt’s Up Meter” The Watt’s Up WU100 Version 2 Watt Meter & Power Analyzer is just that, a volt/watt meter & power analyzer. Many of the inexpensive meters I have found that are similar to this unit will not handle the power the average E-Bike uses, nor are they weather proof. This meter will work up to 60 volts. It will continually monitor the battery capacity & output. By giving you the battery voltage under load you’ll know when it’s time to start pedaling more or back in the direction from which you came. It measures both amps and watts at the moment & over time along with minimum voltage and peak currents. It is also weather resistant. I’m pretty sure you will be delighted with this meter on day number one. More importantly however, is that after a few days of use you’ll wonder how you ever got along with out one. You probably wouldn’t drive your car with out a fuel gauge for fear of being stranded. Well your E-Bike is no different. (OK, it does have pedals)

As an E- Bike Power Meter the Watt’s Up meter is extremely easy to install and it works just as it claims. It shows instantaneous Volts, Amps,and Watts. After a ride, it shows the total energy used in watt-hours, as well as the peak current and power. It will also display the minimum battery voltage. Keep yourself a simple log of these numbers back at your charging station & you will be able to maximize your battery’s performance as well as increase the service life.

This is one of a small selection of products that carries a very solid 5 star customer review. Click to read the reviews or see a sampling of reviews at the bottom of this page. To ORDER A ‘WATT’S UP” METER SEE BELOW.

Now after this glowing write-up I feel obliged to mention that this IS NOT a replacement for the Cycle Analyst. Justin from has spent years developing the Cycle Analysts & for now anyway there is nothing else that does what the Cycle Analyst does. It may cost more than twice that of the “Watts-Up” but it also does an awful lot more. Not the least of which is limiting the speed or current draw through a throttle feedback loop. It also records and calculates numerous additional statistics on your bikes performance. There is also a new version in the final Beta Testing stages as I write this. Please see The grin Cyclery at for details OR for a review of the New Cycle Analyst V3 Beta Release see

The Watt’s Up Meter on your E-Bike is like the fuel gauge & trip computer on your car. ORDER ONE TODAY. IT WOULD ALSO MAKE A GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT OF THE E-BIKER IN YOUR FAMILY.


5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding, February 19, 2010By J. Shoffner (Kissimmee, FL USA) – (REAL NAME) Amazon Verified PurchaseThis review is from: “Watt’s Up” RC Watt Meter & Power Analyzer WU100 Version 2 — SALE! (Toy)This item is marketed primarily by and in support of RC enthusiasts (toy makers and users). It, however, is not a toy and could cause harm if misused. I purchased the Watt’s Up meter to monitor large batteries powering telescopes, associated computers, heaters and lights. This is in an outdoor environment subject to cold and moisture. Follow the instructions and be prepared to be delighted. Perhaps one of the few items on the market which delivers exactly what it is designed to do. Because my application is at night, I wish it had a backlight, but that’s not a major problem. My astronomy gear is expensive, portable and uses DC power. The Watt’s Up allows me to see what my electronics are really doing in the field, compared to what the manufactors say they are suppose to do. That means early warning for batteries, heaters, internal components (computers, motors and chip sets) and in the environment they are used. The Watt’s up is well made, weather resistant, and compact. During a session, it even records relavant data and continually updates itself. It won’t pour your coffee, but it will watch your DC systems better than you could without it. A very, very good buy.

5.0 out of 5 stars Listed as a toy but it is a good tool, February 27, 2011By Paul54 (southeast) Amazon Verified Purchase
I purchased this meter after learning about it on a few of the solar power forums on the net. I am using it to monitor a small home solar power system. So far I am very pleased. I especially like the fact that it will measure amps and watts over time, along with minimum voltage and peak currents. I would say it is indispensable for maintaining or tuning a small solar set up. I have only been using it for a few days but if it lasts I am very pleased. The 60 amp limit is a real plus.

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Buy, August 28, 2010By pjltech – Amazon Verified Purchase
This device is being used as an eBike power monitor. It’s very easy to install and works exactly as advertised. Shows instantaneous Volts, Amps,and Watts. After a ride, it shows the total energy used in WattHours, and the peak current and power used during the ride, as well as the minimum battery voltage. Extremely useful for monitoring battery consumption and condition. It will not quantitatively display regenerated current but it does show the rise in battery voltage during regenerative braking. Excellent product; excellent price.

Why buy a cheap bike light when you already own a good flash light?

If you ride a lot at night you need a good bicycle headlight. There is simply no comparison between a high output bicycle headlight with a remotely mounted rechargeable battery pack & an inexpensive bike light using a pair of AA alkaline batteries. That said, if you already own one of the newer super bright LED flashlights & your night riding is limited to once in a while why not put it to use as a occasional bike light? NO, I’M NOT TALKING DUCT TAPE HERE. Take a look at one of these inexpensive handlebar mounts I picked out from  If on the other hand your night time riding has moved from “once a while” to “more often than not” but $100 plus for a  dedicated bicycle headlight is not in the budget take a look at  this article about CREE T6 Lights.

Speaking of Lights,… My Review of a CREE XML with the 1600LM T6 LED & 6400mAh Battery

For complete information on picking the best bike light for you read; “Getting the CREE XM-L T6 LED Bike Light You Need“
After about an hour of searching Amazon, Ebay & Google I had a pretty good idea of what was was what with these “CREE T6 LED’s” Since Amazon did not have a package that included the tail light I needed I went back to Ebay for my purchase. I settled on the Ebay Seller fzbuyhuge &  purchased the “NEW 6400m Ah Battery 1600 LM CREE XML XM-L T6 LED bike Bicycle Light HeadLight” It was $39.99  DELIVERED. The purchase was a simple two step Paypal check-out with the option to print a receipt. The order was immediately confirmed with an email from Paypal & a second email from the vendor the following day. It arrived in 3 days exactly as ordered. I have gotten quite used to new products that arrive with no manuals & or no instructions & this was no exception. Note: Although the contents listing did not list any instructions or manual the photograph in the advertisement clearly showed one.
It arrived quickly, well packaged and with no damage. CLICK TO CONTINUE….

YES – You NEED Fenders 

"THE" After-Market MTB Fender

“THE” After-Market MTB Fender




One of the most overlooked items on today’s bikes are fenders. In the old days most bicycles came with fenders.  Why? Cause in the old days most bikes were used as transportation & people needed transportation regardless of the weather. Today, at least in the USA, bikes are used mostly for recreation, physical fitness or sport. The largest percentage of transportation users comes from the 16 & under group of adolescents needing mobility & they could care less about protecting themselves or their bikes from the elements. Not only do fenders help to keep you dry, they also protect much of the bikes running gear from water & road grime. With a little time spent on choosing the proper fit & style of fenders they can also improve the overall look of your bike. A truly custom fit will usually require a small amount of simple fabrication work & maybe some spray paint & detailing tape.

Having just completed my latest E-Bike Projects I had the opportunity two try out two after-market fenders, talk a little about fenders in general & give you some detailed information that might help you out with your current ride or a new E-bike project of your own. Click here for the rest of the story.

Park ToolsTHIS IS NOT A REVIEW but it is pretty good list for special bicycle drive line tools . Some recent year-end paper work had me sorting receipts & consequently I was able to compile this list of mostly Park Tools & part numbers from Park Tools has long been synonymous with bicycle specific tools. With careful research you can sometimes find a better tool & you can often find similar tools at better prices but nobody anywhere offers such a complete selection of quality tools at good prices as Park Tools. You can order Directly from Park Tool but since I’m usually ordering a wide range of multiple items at a time I usually order through

That said, it doesn’t matter where you get them, you’ll always get a good tool at a good price. Click here for my list of Bicycle Driveline Tools.