“Rear Mount Oversize Kickstand”
by Greenfield SKS2BC  (Black, 285mm)

Greenfield Kickstand


Any bicycle, electric or otherwise, that is used for transportation or commuting will benefit tremendously from a kickstand. Not only does it make parking your bike easier, it will extend the life & looks of your bike considerably. Kickstands are seldom included on today’s bikes since they add to both cost & weight. Two items where less is always better. In addition, in the US anyway, bikes are seldom considered as transportation but are most often used for recreation, sport or physical fitness. None of these activities benefit greatly from the use of a kickstand. Purchase a bike almost anywhere else in the world however & it probably WILL have a kickstand.

There are plenty of after-market kickstands available at stores or online for $10 to $25. Some of these are pretty good but few if any of them will work well for bikes weighing over 45 lbs. which is just about any e-bike. Read good kickstands at a great price for information on some. If you have a bike shop in your town go there & chances are pretty good that you’ll get a  good one that actually fits & they might even install it for you.  Otherwise, you can start your on-line shopping with the links at the end of this article.

E-bikes, cargo bikes & loaded touring bikes normally require a center stand for stability & these will cost between $30 & $60. They are however worth their weight in gold when you’re trying to load your bike up with grocery bags or other heavy items. Sadly they can also be both heavy & clunky looking. Over the years I have tried a number of rear mounted bike stands on my e-bikes in the hopes of finding one that will handle the weight without the weight or cost of a center stand. Enter the SKS2BC “Rear Mount Oversize Kickstand” by Greenfield. Although new to me, Greenfield has been building quality bike stands for many years. The SKS2BC “Rear Mount Oversize Kickstand” weighs just 14.3 ounces according to my postage scale. In the up-right or folded position, it measures 13.5″ L. x 6″ H. & about a 1/2″ wider than the chain stay it attaches to. It’s also nicely finished & looks very good, up or down, when installed.

This kick stand gets 4.5 stars from a total of 91 customer reviews at Amazon.com. So needless to say I’m not the only person thinking that this is a very good bike stand. It does have one short coming however, that I’m surprised no one else has mentioned. Although it’s both very stable & extremely sturdy it has no latch or locking mechanism when in the down position. On a level surface with no chance of someone (or yourself) pushing it forward, it will keep your bike upright until the cows come home. However, park it pointed downhill, or with a trailer on the back, or in a busy parking lot where it might get bumped forward & it can roll forward collapsing the kickstand. This has happened to me twice which is at least once more than it should have. Having your heavy e- bike loaded with lots of other stuff, lying on it’s side in a busy parking lot is not only irritating but it’s downright embarrassing.


Greenfield on a Marrin

This can easily be avoided however, by using a simple brake lever lock on your bike. Over the years I have made these ”parking brakes” from Velcro cable tie strips, big rubber bands or removable nylon zip ties. Currently I use a 10″L. x 1/2″W. Velcro strip that stays wrapped around my left handle grip. To use it, I pull it off & re-wrap it around the grip & the brake lever. Takes about 3 seconds & makes the bike  solid as any center stand. See Old Coffee Cans & Velcro Ties. But the point is, installing a small latch would be fairly simple & most companies love to have product lines with “OPTIONS” to choose from. Currently, Greenfield has no other kickstands or options.

Two final notes; providing you use either the manufacturer supplied plastic gasket material for protecting your bikes finish  or something of your own design, the material used will usually compress quickly at first allowing your (4) mounting screws to loosen during the first few weeks of use. (I often use good old fashioned friction tape.) Tighten these screws up in a week or two & periodically after that. After a few times they’ll quit coming loose & after that just add them to your regular maintenance schedule. (You do have one right?)  If not click here for a  PDF bicycle maintenance chart I found on-line.

The Greenfield Kickstands & many of the other single leg kickstands can be cut down with a good hacksaw. If your unsure of the best length for your application it’s much safer to get one that is to long. If it’s to short, there is  little you can do to make it longer.

If you have a heavy cargo bike or e-bike the best bike stands are hands down the motorcycle style center stands. However, if you do not want the added cost, weight & bulk that comes with a center-stand, then the Greenfield SKS2BC  ”Rear Mount Oversize Kickstand” coupled with a brake lever lock is almost as good as  & in some cases may even be better than the motorcycle style center-stand.

Click the following links to purchase a Greenfield or search for comparable kickstands:

NOTE: If unsure of the kickstand length, purchase the longer one. These can be easily cut with a good hacksaw.

KICKSTANDS ARE NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL type of accessory. Things like; wheel size, frame type, chain stay diameter, seat stay diameter & even disc brakes will all impact how a kickstand will mount to & work with your bike. That’s if it fits at all.


Double Leg Center-Stand