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A Schwinn about to be “Converted”


The last two months have been real busy with buying, stocking  and converting new bicycles into e-bikes.  In addition to building them, testing them, reviewing & writing about them. I also advertise, sell and even deliver them. This has allowed me little time for writing much of anything let alone writing these posts which I enjoy. My writing has been focused on the sales oriented interior pages of this blog. I know that’s not acceptable for a blog that’s supposed to be “Posting” Fresh Content” daily. Fortunately there is  fresh content in EZgo-Now  it’s just NOT found on this front page that displays posts NOT pages. A shortcoming of the template I’m using for sure & one that must be fixed soon.  Until then I’ll work harder at keeping both of these sections current.

So, anyway the other week I decided to place a text ad with Google that would appear along side of the search results when somebody did a search for e-bike kits. The whole purpose of which is to increase my on-line sales of the e-bike kits I use and sell from E-BikeKit. Naturally this got me reviewing E-BikeKit.com web-site for up-dated information & prices. This is what I learned.

Jason at E-BikeKit.com has just “Officially Announced” his NEW 2013 E-BikeKit.  Now the E-BikeKit.com e bike kits have often been considered by many to be one of the best kits you can buy.  My Take?…. After using and selling them for a number of years I  believe, that for the money, they are the best. End of Story.

Starting the 3rd week of June 2013 all E-BikeKit Models will include among other things, an LCD display that eliminates the need for optional equipment like an speedometer/odometer, battery fuel gauge, volt/amp meter or power on indicator light. It also has a 5 position level assist which can greatly increase your battery range. The display is also back-lit which allows for easy viewing night or day & includes 5 trouble indicator lights at the top of the screen for pin pointing problems. The unit is user programmable allowing you to set it up the way you want it. E-BikeKit has even upgraded their controller and improved their already almost perfect electrical connectors. It’s this constant attention to detail that really sets E-BikeKit.com apart from their competition. Please watch the following video for complete details on the 2013 upgrades.


Although I have not seen the new 2013 Model I do have had a lot of experience with the 2012 Model. See below for my recent E-BikeKit conversions. You’ll notice that two of them are using  an electronic meter on the handlebar. So far this season I have wired up 2 battery fuel gauges, 1 Watts-Up Meter & 1  electronic speedometer. None of these will be needed any longer with the New 2013 Model.

Mongoose Conversion

36V Gear Drive Mongoose Conversion

Schwinn DSX w/front gear drive E-BikeKit

Schwinn DSX w/front gear drive E-BikeKit

Direct Drive E-BikeKit Hub

Direct Drive E-BikeKit on Schwinn Crest


One of the great features of the E-BikeKit System is their easy to install, fool-proof & tamper proof electrical connections. UNFORTUNATELY this great feature was also the reason that battery gauges & volt/amp meters had to be installed directly onto the battery, therefore by passing the on/off switch found on the controller. Another feature NOT FOUND on the earlier E-BikeKit Models was an indicator light telling you the unit was turned on. I found this to be a real shortcoming on any e bike kit having the On/Off Switch mounted on the controller which is usually mounted in an out of the way location.

The New 2013 Model not only solves the indicator light issue but it eliminates the need for any type of additional monitoring equipment. A real plus for both the end-user and the dealer. Please read my E-BikeKit Review or the E-BikeKit.com – Cheaper in the Long Run page for information on this great kit.

E-bike & Trailer at Work

Ridekick Trailer as a Bicycle Tow Dolly

Crest E-Bike

Schwinn Crest with 48V SLA’s inside Saddle Bags

Inside of Battery Box & Saddle Bag

Custom Battery Box Insert for Saddle Bag


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