The Can Stand System with Bonus Fix-it-Can Kit. Or supporting your coffee habit on a budget.

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You only need a bike stand when your bike’s not moving. A kick stand doesn’t make your bike go any better, stop faster & it sure doesn’t make look it any better but hey, you gotta admit your bike does looks better standing up than it does laying on the floor. (takes up less room as well) So here’s a quick fix that requires absolutely no assembly, no installation and ONE SIZE WILL FIT ALL. Which consequently makes it a pretty good Christmas gift as well.

Excuse this clear-cut case of using an blog post for such blatant self promotion as this but that’s one of the main advantage’s of being the owner and editor of your own blog. You get to try out new ideas and have some fun once in a while. In addition one of the goals for is to make it a go-to source for our readers to find money-saving ideas and to save money by doing things themselves. So bear with me. It’s a short post.

The Can Stand System with Bonus Fix-it-Can Kit is a unique, cheap & quick way to get your bike off the floor. The Bonus Fix-it-Can Kit that’s inside The Can Stand contains the Velcro straps, a tire repair kit, mini bungee straps plus extra storage space for quite a number of additional tools. When it arrives just open the box, pick your bike up off the floor, slide the can under the pedal, pull your brake lever snug & wrap it tight with the Velcro strap. DONE!

Now I’ve been using this stuff to keep my bikes upright at home & on the road for a

Bike, "Can Stand", "Bike Stand"

number of years. I also recycle my smaller plastic coffee cans and use them as organizers in the shop & as totes to carry my emergency repair tools around. So I decided to have some fun & see if I could put something together to use as a promotional piece for the blog and the bike shop. This is what I’ve come up with so far & I think it’s a pretty good deal. Of course with the average USPS charge at $6 a copy I’m selling it at a loss. But that’s OK, it’s fun so check it.

The CAN STAND is $9.95 & that includes the shipping. This is the same basic recipe for what you’ll receive if you buy the kit. You can also adjust this to suit your own taste & make your own Can Stand & bike kit: Biking is fun, make sure you have some. I do.

These are available at our  eBay Store EZ-Tools-Now or you can purchase them here using the BUY NOW button.




Take (1) 32 oz metal coffee can, paint it & decal to suit taste. (This is the Can-Stand) Cut & glue in tempered cardboard to re-enforce the plastic lid. (this is needed if you plan to rest your pedals on the lid instead of the metal bottom.) Purchase a pack of non-slotted Velcro cable ties that are between 9″ & 12 ” long. (You only use (1) at a time but they get lost. I send 4) Take (1) 15 oz metal or plastic coffee can, remove the label & decorate this to suit your taste. (This is the Fix-it-Can) The Fix-it-Can in this sale has 1 tire repair kit with patches, tire levers, alcohol prep pads & 2 emergency tire boots for tire repair in the event of blow-outs, slashes, gashes, etc. Plus 4 Mini Bungee Stretch cords (10″ L x 3/16″) Because you always need these.

Additional to the above items I keep this stuff in my kit as well. 1 spare tube, a Co2 tire inflater with 3 cartridges, a TOPEAK power 15 tool which is a tire lever holding 14 popular allen & wrench sizes, a small roll of elect. tape & a few feet of mechanics wire. I also have a neat little multi tool and a little mini mag light. I used to keep my first aid kit jammed in here as well but I’ve since moved that into it’s own container.

This is a simple, cheap bike stand system to use at home or take it with it you. Always take your Velcro brake lock with you since you can always find something to lean your bike on.





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