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    EZgo-Now Specializes in turning standard bicycles into Well-Built Electrically Assisted Bikes. By installing high quality components onto well built economically priced bicycles I can personally guarantee that you'll be getting an E-Bike of exceptional quality at a highly competitive price. If you’re thinking about building or converting your own E-Bike, why not start with the same kit many of the the professional's use? There's an E-Bike Kit from E-BikeKit™.com at the heart of everyone of our EZgo-Now Conversion's.

    For 2014 E-BikeKit™.com has built a great new Web-Site to go with their newly improved E-BikeKit they introduced last year.

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    Eliminate Garbage by Promoting Quality

    "no to e bike garbage", e bike, "e bike kits"

    Say NO to Internet Garbage

    And that pretty much works for everything. From products you buy to web-sites you browse. Think about it. Junk does not last so you need more of it. Buy junk, replace junk, more garbage. Buy quality own it a lifetime no more garbage.

    I spend a huge amount of my time browsing the Internet for anything that relates to electric bicycles and cycling. Directly or indirectly, specifically or in a general way if it catches my attention I’ll click it. I have been doing this type of research long enough to know what or what not to click on. Even so I still have to sort through far more garbage than I care to. It’s this seemingly endless amount of information and web sites and my ability to effectively sort through the garbage that leads me to my current subject.

    At first I was going to highlight my best (worst) examples of scam reviews and informational garbage articles and follow-up with a list of words & phrases to look for in order to avoid them. Well, …. useful perhaps but I quickly decided it was too much like complaining so I decided to go in the other direction. There are hundreds of web sites that are geared towards electric bikes. Out of those there are dozens of useful sites. Out of those there is in my opinion less than two dozen that are truly good web sites or blogs dedicated to e bikes and practical cycling. I keep this small group of “truly good web sites” appropriately labeled & saved in my favorites. Over the course of a month it’s more than likely I’ll land on their pages at least once. Read the rest of this entry

    Old Coffee Cans & Velcro Cable Ties

    The Can Stand System with Bonus Fix-it-Can Kit. Or supporting your coffee habit on a budget.

    bike stand, "kick stand", "bike repair kit"

    You only need a bike stand when your bike’s not moving. A kick stand doesn’t make your bike go any better, stop faster & it sure doesn’t make look it any better but hey, you gotta admit your bike does looks better standing up than it does laying on the floor. (takes up less room as well) So here’s a quick fix that requires absolutely no assembly, no installation and ONE SIZE WILL FIT ALL. Which consequently makes it a pretty good Christmas gift as well.

    Excuse this clear-cut case of using an EZgo-Now.com blog post for such blatant self promotion as this but that’s one of the main advantage’s of being the owner and editor of your own blog. You get to try out new ideas and have some fun once in a while. In addition one of the goals for EZgo-Now.com is to make it a go-to source for our readers to find money-saving ideas and to save money by doing things themselves. So bear with me. It’s a short post.

    The Can Stand System with Bonus Fix-it-Can Kit is a unique, cheap & quick way to get your bike off the floor. The Bonus Fix-it-Can Kit that’s inside The Can Stand contains the Velcro straps, a tire repair kit, mini bungee straps plus extra storage space for quite a number of additional tools. When it arrives just open the box, pick your bike up off the floor, slide the can under the pedal, pull your brake lever snug & wrap it tight with the Velcro strap. DONE!

    Now I’ve been using this stuff to keep my bikes upright at home & on the road for a

    Bike, "Can Stand", "Bike Stand"

    number of years. I also recycle my smaller plastic coffee cans and use them as organizers in the shop & as totes to carry my emergency repair tools around. So I decided to have some fun & see if I could put something together to use as a promotional piece for the blog and the bike shop. This is what I’ve come up with so far & I think it’s a pretty good deal. Of course with the average USPS charge at $6 a copy I’m selling it at a loss. But that’s OK, it’s fun so check it.

    The CAN STAND is $9.95 & that includes the shipping. This is the same basic recipe for what you’ll receive if you buy the kit. You can also adjust this to suit your own taste & make your own Can Stand & bike kit: Biking is fun, make sure you have some. I do.

    These are available at our  eBay Store EZ-Tools-Now or you can purchase them here using the BUY NOW button.




    Take (1) 32 oz metal coffee can, paint it & decal to suit taste. (This is the Can-Stand) Cut & glue in tempered cardboard to re-enforce the plastic lid. (this is needed if you plan to rest your pedals on the lid instead of the metal bottom.) Purchase a pack of non-slotted Velcro cable ties that are between 9″ & 12 ” long. (You only use (1) at a time but they get lost. I send 4) Take (1) 15 oz metal or plastic coffee can, remove the label & decorate this to suit your taste. (This is the Fix-it-Can) The Fix-it-Can in this sale has 1 tire repair kit with patches, tire levers, alcohol prep pads & 2 emergency tire boots for tire repair in the event of blow-outs, slashes, gashes, etc. Plus 4 Mini Bungee Stretch cords (10″ L x 3/16″) Because you always need these.

    Additional to the above items I keep this stuff in my kit as well. 1 spare tube, a Co2 tire inflater with 3 cartridges, a TOPEAK power 15 tool which is a tire lever holding 14 popular allen & wrench sizes, a small roll of elect. tape & a few feet of mechanics wire. I also have a neat little multi tool and a little mini mag light. I used to keep my first aid kit jammed in here as well but I’ve since moved that into it’s own container.

    This is a simple, cheap bike stand system to use at home or take it with it you. Always take your Velcro brake lock with you since you can always find something to lean your bike on.





    E-Bikes & This n’ That

    electric bikes
    I haven’t done much writing in the last few weeks so I started browsing the Internet for some inspiration. Perhaps something new and original like “The Revenge of the Electric Bike”. Well alas no such luck. However I am continually encouraged and intrigued by the e-bike markets on-going progress and some of the nifty new ideas I so often come across.

    On the on-going progress of e-bikes  side of things is the time and money some of the major players in the transportation industry are putting into developing e-bike technology. Please don’t mistake this as a belief that the future of the e-bike is in the hands of these captain’s of industry. Quite the contrary. However, it does show that the the e-bike has come a long way from that of a passing curiosity or just another recreational plaything.  E-bikes are real transportation and are here to stay.

    When companies like Daimler Benz, Volkswagon and Bosch dump hundreds of millions of dollars into the research and development of e-bikes and ebike drive systems we can be sure that e-bikes are more than just a passing fad. Have a look at some of these prototypes and products.

    "Daimler Smart E-bike"

    Daimler Smart E-bike

    Edmunds Inside LineDaimler Will Build Smart Ebike.

    Electric Bike ShedBosch Electric Bike Drive System. Future of e-bikes?

    "bosch-ebike-drive", "ebike kit"

    Bosch Electric Bike Drive System



    engadget.comVolkswagen rolls out foldable ‘Bike’ electric bicycle concept.

    "Volkswagen electric bicycle","electric bicycle"

    Volkswagen’s electric bicycle concept

    New ebikes, "what' next in ebikes?"

    Limited by only your imagination

    Auto MottoWhat’s next in electric bikes






    And of course there’s always the “that’s a neat idea” department. Here’s a few with merit.




    gizmag.comStudent-designed bicycle device designed to save lives.

    Light Lane – A laser light bike line.

    "safety light",

    Emits a laser image ahead of the rider.










    New York TimesThe Commuter Bike Redesigned and Electrified.

    Yike Bike, "folding bike", ebike

    The Yike Bike

    Naturally some ideas are better than others.

    I New Idea Homepage

    Bike lock, "Bicycle lock"

    If your going green, well why not?

    Why not E-trailers ?

    electric trailer

    For plans click here or visit:http://electricbicycletrailer.com/

    No reason what so ever as it turns out. I just ordered the plans for the above Bicycle Cargo Push Trailer. (Yes that mean’s I’m planing to build one.) The links have video so I didn’t waste your time putting one here. I’ve been really psyched about buying or building a powered push trailer ever since I saw my first one a few years ago. Since then I have come across quite a few websites for powered push trailers and plans for building them. I’ve seen YouTube videos and PDF schematics for everything from professional looking blue prints to plans for modifying a Garden Way Cart. (Hey, I got one of those) The one I choose appears to be professionally built, well-engineered and complete. “Complete” being the operative word here. Actually the Bicycle Cargo Push Trailer is the only one I can say that about. It’s designed to be powered by an off-the-shelf hub-motor drive system so outside of the steel, hardware and misc. fasteners everything else can be readily purchased from a **** local bike shop or on-line. Now I know from first hand experience that what ever price I initially put into my labor cost for a project I should just go ahead and double it. So I did and with that in mind I hope to build a finished product that looks and performs as well as Dave’s Trailer does & still sell it at a profit. I’m at least a year away from building this thing let alone selling it but I’ll do my best to keep you posted.

    Since writing this article about two years ago I have signed up as a Ridekick  dealer and took delivery of one last summer 2013. The  Ridekick  has been a great little trailer and with a price of $699.00 is quite affordable and a good option for any body wanting to add electric assist plus additional carrying capacity to their current bicycle. You can read my article on the Ridekick Push Trailer here Having the Ridekick trailer to use put building one myself on the back burner. However, as of May 2014 Ridekick is completely sold out of trailers and will not have any until sometime in 2015. Perhaps building the Bicycle Cargo Push Trailer just got moved up a notch. Stay tuned. Read the rest of this entry

    Reality Sucks says GM

    "Reality Sucks", Bicycles, transportation

    stop-pedaling-start-driving "Reality Sucks"


    Spin it any way you want. The real “Reality Sucks” part about this obvious marketing blunder is the fact it became the idea for an advertisement in the first place. Not to mention one that was targeted to college students.

    But the people spoke, social media spread their message, GM listened and yanked the ad. “Anti Bike Advertising” will not be accepted.

    WE WON! Bicycles as transportation is a reality. Cycling has been accepted as a viable means of getting around. Well ……… no, not exactly. But it does mean that cycling as “real transportation” has moved just a little closer into that type of main stream thinking.

    For most of us this is a very exciting time to be involved with cycling. As a cyclist my choices for riding apparel, products & accessories seem endless. As the owner and editor of an e-bike blog the depth & breadth of products to sell and the subjects to talk about is enormous. Just a few days ago I was reading about a forward thinking Ford e-bike prototype. Today I’m reading how a slew of negative comments persuaded General Motors to yank their ill-conceived anti bike flavored car advertisement.
    So great work people. I’ve been saying all year that 2012 will be the year that e-bikes go from a novel idea to a real world product. Now I’m sure of it.

    Well enough said. As usual my short comment has turned into an essay. Here’s a link to a copy of the GM ad “Reality Sucks” in Urban Velo. And if you need to get up to speed on the subject or just want to support your own opinion go ahead & Google “GM Reality Sucks”.

    Thanks for reading.


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