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stop-pedaling-start-driving "Reality Sucks"


Spin it any way you want. The real “Reality Sucks” part about this obvious marketing blunder is the fact it became the idea for an advertisement in the first place. Not to mention one that was targeted to college students.

But the people spoke, social media spread their message, GM listened and yanked the ad. “Anti Bike Advertising” will not be accepted.

WE WON! Bicycles as transportation is a reality. Cycling has been accepted as a viable means of getting around. Well ……… no, not exactly. But it does mean that cycling as “real transportation” has moved just a little closer into that type of main stream thinking.

For most of us this is a very exciting time to be involved with cycling. As a cyclist my choices for riding apparel, products & accessories seem endless. As the owner and editor of an e-bike blog the depth & breadth of products to sell and the subjects to talk about is enormous. Just a few days ago I was reading about a forward thinking Ford e-bike prototype. Today I’m reading how a slew of negative comments persuaded General Motors to yank their ill-conceived anti bike flavored car advertisement.
So great work people. I’ve been saying all year that 2012 will be the year that e-bikes go from a novel idea to a real world product. Now I’m sure of it.

Well enough said. As usual my short comment has turned into an essay. Here’s a link to a copy of the GM ad “Reality Sucks” in Urban Velo. And if you need to get up to speed on the subject or just want to support your own opinion go ahead & Google “GM Reality Sucks”.

Thanks for reading.