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Borrowed from the $100 A Barrel artical by Monkeylogical.

There may be a new reason for not getting a drivers license these days & it has nothing to do with the price of gas or the environment.

It would appear as if the DMV (Department of motor vehicles) is being used by many other non-related state agencies and possibly even some private corporations to collect debt or impose hardships on its citizens. To be sure, the DMV carries a very big stick, but is it fair to use that stick on people whose debt, fine or crime had absolutely nothing to do with ones driver privileges? Some people don’t think so and that includes the DMV  themselves. Please read this excerpt from THE WIRED below.

The driver’s license has become something it was never intended to be: a badge of good citizenship. Pay your bills to city and state, pay your child support, don’t get caught using drugs, and the state will let you keep on trucking. Screw up, and they’ll clip your wings. And for those who don’t get the message and stay on the roads? In most states, getting caught driving without a license, or with one that’s been suspended or revoked, means handcuffs, a trip down to the local jail, and having your car towed to the pound.
In other words, it’s serious shit.
Most businesses and state agencies have a problem with outstanding debt. Bounced checks, IOUs, stolen credit cards – it all adds up. Some organizations write off anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of their debts as “uncollectable.”
Most agencies, that is, except for the DMV. “We don’t have debt,” says Lewis, who oversees all of the Massachusetts Registry’s computer and information systems. Last year, the Massachusetts Registry collected more than US$660 million in fees and fines; less than $600,000 came back as bounced checks – a whopping 0.1 percent. “How can you afford to stiff us?” Lewis asks rhetorically. “Whatever it is you have, we’ll take it. We’ll pull your driver’s license. We’ll take your title. We just don’t have bad debt.” Lewis pauses a moment to consider his words, then shrugs, his point made: At the Massachusetts Registry, “we walk a very fine line with incredible power over people.”
Increasingly, lawmakers around the country are employing that power to enforce public policies that have nothing to do with driving or motor vehicles. Lewis and his counterparts in other states aren’t happy with the change, but there’s little they can do when legislatures hand down new rules.
“Every governmental agency is looking for every means possible to…enforce the regulations and policies in front of it,” says Barry Goleman, President of AAMVANET, a computer network run by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators that links together the computers of the United States’s 51 motor vehicle agencies. And increasingly, says Goleman, those state agencies are turning towards the DMVs as a source of data about the state’s citizens, a way of providing services, and ultimately, a means of enforcing policy.
The DMVs fit the bill perfectly. On one hand, the DMV database lists virtually every man, woman, and teenager of each state more accurately than the state’s own census or tax roles. (Even people who don’t drive usually end up getting “identification” cards, issued by the state DMVs, so they can do simple things like write a check or buy an alcoholic drink.) On the other hand, the DMV has a unique means of forcing citizens to comply with state edicts. In short, the DMV is a one-stop-shop for state agencies that want to reach out and affect our lives.
Ironically, this concentration of information, power, and responsibilities has received scant attention from traditional privacy and civil libertarian advocates. The American Civil Liberties Union, Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen, and even Robert Smith, editor of the esteemed The Privacy Journal, performed an exercise in collective buck-passing when called to comment for this article. The only group that has made any statement on the issue at all is the American Automobile Association: “Problems or violations of the law not having anything to do with the operation of a motor vehicle should not result in the loss or suspension of a driver’s license,” says AAA spokesperson Geoff Sundstrom.
Instead, it has been motor vehicle administrators themselves who have been honking the horn, warning that their agencies are becoming Big Brother incarnate. The only problem is that nobody is listening.

For the complete article click “The government is using your driver’s license to play Big Brother” then tell us how you feel about this.

I for one, had never given this much of a thought. But having lost my own drivers license for a period of time about four years ago I became very much aware of not only the hardships of getting around without a driver’s license but of the incredible bureaucracy, absolute power and lack of common sense surrounding the DMV and its regulations and requirements.

Well sometimes bad things can have good results. For me not having a driver’s license took me back to one of my favorite past times which was bicycling. From there I began to explore the world of electrically assisted bikes and I haven’t looked back since. No car, no problem. Two wheels are better than four and a whole lot cheaper. At the bottom of this page are a few quick reads that might get you thinking about the economics of writing verses driving.

And if this sparked your curiosity about E-bikes why not give me a call and come on over to the EZgo-Now E-bike shop. I have some terrific deals right now on cash and carry E-bike conversions as well as E-bike kits from the number one kit builder in the USA CLICK HERE FOR Summer Sales.

Can E-Bikes Displace Cars?

Mongoose Maxim Conversion

Dual suspension Mongoose with rear mounted gear drive & 36 volts of LiFeP04 in the bag.A STEAL at $896

Why I sold my car for an Electric Bike

10 ways an E-bike can save money 

Electric Bike vs Electric Car: The Best Commuter Vehicle 


ELECT. Bike Pusher TrailerTRAILER

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E Bikes, Coming of Age?

For starters, E bikes are moving. They’re moving off of the factory floor of the E-bike builders and into the showrooms and sales areas of the new E-bike Retailers springing up across the nation. From there the’re moving into the homes and garages of US consumers. These are often people who had previously never thought much about bicycling let alone purchasing an electrically assisted bike. They’re easy to spot by the big smile on their faces. More importantly however, E bikes are moving forward with their design, functionality and technology with a speed comparable to the PC’s of yesteryear and the Smart Phones of today. This is tremendously exciting for me and should be for anyone else that enjoys bicycling or just thinks there must be a better way to make those short commutes.

Neat E-bike

Better built, better looking, far more practical and a whole lot of fun. This is how I describe the new E-bike’s and E-bike kits coming on line todayClick here for ElectricBikes Top 10 Picks for 2014. 


The electric bike is a revolutionary form of transportation. Finally, after years of false starts quality electric bikes and E-bike kits are here, and they have become reliable, powerful, extremely useful, and a joy to use. All in all, these can be the catalyst for possible life changing events when used to change or supplement your traditional means of transportation. That said, there are many new and improved electric bikes and electric bike kits now available and just as many new components and accessories to make your old E-bike even better. Your really missing the boat if you don’t take a look at what’s available in the E-bike market place today & consider adding an E-bike to your transportation pool.

For more about what’s new with E bikes and to read about some of things that I’ve been doing to get the shop “up -to-speed” with the new wave of E-bikes as well as making my commute and those of my customers easier and a lot more fun click here for ” More is Better “  my E-bike upgrades for 2014.

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“Night-Rider” Ready to Rock & Roll

A few weeks ago I did an e- bike conversion for a customer on a 2012 Marrin Pioneer Trail mountain bike. He was a big guy and saw the Marrin on the Carlisle Sales Page of the EZgo-Now Web-Site. The Marrin was an exceptionally nice bike and with a frame size of 21 inch it was the largest & best built bike I had in stock. He was going to use the bike hard, for both work as well as recreation. He specified the direct drive E bike kit mounted on the rear wheel along with a 48 V lithium battery pack. After completing the bike for him I thoroughly road tested it as I do all of my conversions. He picked up & paid for the bike the next day. His price was $1,200 which was also real close to my cost for building it. Needless to say he was a very happy camper. To make a long story short this was by far was the fastest, best handling, best looking and quickest stopping e-bike conversion I had done to date. To learn more about his e-bike conversion read “Tale of(2) Two Conversions”.  I was so impressed with it I began searching for another one or two of them. In addition I was anxious to try one of the NEW 2013 E-BikeKits with the electronic dash & LCD display. This time around I would build it to my specifications & attempt to re-sell it for a profit.

In about a week I had found two of them. Neither one was close to the rock bottom price I had paid for the first one but now that I knew the quality of this bike I didn’t mind paying a little more. (My 1st customer really did a good deal) I purchased a black 2011 with a 22 inch frame and a blue 2012 with a 19 inch frame. I decided to start with the 2011. The 2012 I did a few weeks ago was a blue and white color combination & looked great. This 2011 was a solid jet black & is absolutely gorgeous. The quality of the paint job is among the best I have ever seen on a bicycle, including some custom painted bikes that I have done myself.


When I start a project like this It’s usually for a customer or to replace one of my stock bikes that had been sold.

electrically covered Marin Bicycle

Night Rider testing (5) 12V LiFeP04′s. Meter indicates 68.8 volts.

This project was going to be a little different. This bike would be for my use and it was going to be an EZgo-Now show piece. Additionally, it would be a test platform for the components I use & review. I would spend what ever additional time was required to make this project look as if had been done at the factory. It would not only be sleek, fast & beautiful, it would be fully functional, safe and practical as an everyday commuter as well. This bike dubbed the Night Rider”, would be my every day ride.

OK,… So the donor bike is this jet black 2011 Marrin Pioneer Trail mountain bike. Since this is going to be a fast commuter e-bike I would first replace the stock 26 x 2.00 MTB tires with a pair of 26 x 2.00 Kenda Kwick Roller Sports lined with Anti-Flat Slime Tube Protectors.(flats are no fun. Especially when the rear wheel has a 14lb. hub motor attached to it.) The E bike kit used would be a 1000 W direct drive unit from E-BikeKit. Since this bike would also be used for testing & gathering performance data I did not use the new 2013 E-BikeKit with LCD display as I had first intended. Instead I used an 2012 kit with a 2013 hub motor & installed a Watts-Up Meter for analyzing power use and a Bell 12 function cycling computer for gathering performance data. The power (for now) would come from (4) 12V 10Ah Bamboo Cased LiFePO4 batteries built & sold by Clean Republic. (the Hill Topper guys) Read the rest of this entry

Old Coffee Cans & Velcro Cable Ties

The Can Stand System with Bonus Fix-it-Can Kit. Or supporting your coffee habit on a budget.

bike stand, "kick stand", "bike repair kit"

You only need a bike stand when your bike’s not moving. A kick stand doesn’t make your bike go any better, stop faster & it sure doesn’t make look it any better but hey, you gotta admit your bike does looks better standing up than it does laying on the floor. (takes up less room as well) So here’s a quick fix that requires absolutely no assembly, no installation and ONE SIZE WILL FIT ALL. Which consequently makes it a pretty good Christmas gift as well.

Excuse this clear-cut case of using an blog post for such blatant self promotion as this but that’s one of the main advantage’s of being the owner and editor of your own blog. You get to try out new ideas and have some fun once in a while. In addition one of the goals for is to make it a go-to source for our readers to find money-saving ideas and to save money by doing things themselves. So bear with me. It’s a short post.

The Can Stand System with Bonus Fix-it-Can Kit is a unique, cheap & quick way to get your bike off the floor. The Bonus Fix-it-Can Kit that’s inside The Can Stand contains the Velcro straps, a tire repair kit, mini bungee straps plus extra storage space for quite a number of additional tools. When it arrives just open the box, pick your bike up off the floor, slide the can under the pedal, pull your brake lever snug & wrap it tight with the Velcro strap. DONE!

Now I’ve been using this stuff to keep my bikes upright at home & on the road for a

Bike, "Can Stand", "Bike Stand"

number of years. I also recycle my smaller plastic coffee cans and use them as organizers in the shop & as totes to carry my emergency repair tools around. So I decided to have some fun & see if I could put something together to use as a promotional piece for the blog and the bike shop. This is what I’ve come up with so far & I think it’s a pretty good deal. Of course with the average USPS charge at $6 a copy I’m selling it at a loss. But that’s OK, it’s fun so check it.

The CAN STAND is $9.95 & that includes the shipping. This is the same basic recipe for what you’ll receive if you buy the kit. You can also adjust this to suit your own taste & make your own Can Stand & bike kit: Biking is fun, make sure you have some. I do.

These are available at our  eBay Store EZ-Tools-Now or you can purchase them here using the BUY NOW button.




Take (1) 32 oz metal coffee can, paint it & decal to suit taste. (This is the Can-Stand) Cut & glue in tempered cardboard to re-enforce the plastic lid. (this is needed if you plan to rest your pedals on the lid instead of the metal bottom.) Purchase a pack of non-slotted Velcro cable ties that are between 9″ & 12 ” long. (You only use (1) at a time but they get lost. I send 4) Take (1) 15 oz metal or plastic coffee can, remove the label & decorate this to suit your taste. (This is the Fix-it-Can) The Fix-it-Can in this sale has 1 tire repair kit with patches, tire levers, alcohol prep pads & 2 emergency tire boots for tire repair in the event of blow-outs, slashes, gashes, etc. Plus 4 Mini Bungee Stretch cords (10″ L x 3/16″) Because you always need these.

Additional to the above items I keep this stuff in my kit as well. 1 spare tube, a Co2 tire inflater with 3 cartridges, a TOPEAK power 15 tool which is a tire lever holding 14 popular allen & wrench sizes, a small roll of elect. tape & a few feet of mechanics wire. I also have a neat little multi tool and a little mini mag light. I used to keep my first aid kit jammed in here as well but I’ve since moved that into it’s own container.

This is a simple, cheap bike stand system to use at home or take it with it you. Always take your Velcro brake lock with you since you can always find something to lean your bike on.





Reality Sucks says GM

"Reality Sucks", Bicycles, transportation

stop-pedaling-start-driving "Reality Sucks"


Spin it any way you want. The real “Reality Sucks” part about this obvious marketing blunder is the fact it became the idea for an advertisement in the first place. Not to mention one that was targeted to college students.

But the people spoke, social media spread their message, GM listened and yanked the ad. “Anti Bike Advertising” will not be accepted.

WE WON! Bicycles as transportation is a reality. Cycling has been accepted as a viable means of getting around. Well ……… no, not exactly. But it does mean that cycling as “real transportation” has moved just a little closer into that type of main stream thinking.

For most of us this is a very exciting time to be involved with cycling. As a cyclist my choices for riding apparel, products & accessories seem endless. As the owner and editor of an e-bike blog the depth & breadth of products to sell and the subjects to talk about is enormous. Just a few days ago I was reading about a forward thinking Ford e-bike prototype. Today I’m reading how a slew of negative comments persuaded General Motors to yank their ill-conceived anti bike flavored car advertisement.
So great work people. I’ve been saying all year that 2012 will be the year that e-bikes go from a novel idea to a real world product. Now I’m sure of it.

Well enough said. As usual my short comment has turned into an essay. Here’s a link to a copy of the GM ad “Reality Sucks” in Urban Velo. And if you need to get up to speed on the subject or just want to support your own opinion go ahead & Google “GM Reality Sucks”.

Thanks for reading.


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