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An E-Bike – The Short description

How do I describe an E-bike when someone asks?


Hmm……, well

Well, … It’s pretty much like riding a regular bike until you’re feeling tired or lazy & then you have help. I also think it’s safer in traffic. The added speed allows you to ride with the traffic as opposed to riding on the shoulder and In heavy stop & go traffic and at intersections you have the extra boost to get going quickly. That was a big benefit for me. “The hardest part of going was getting started”. Going from a dead stop with electric assist to the speed I need to maintain balance is much shorter than pedal-power alone. (almost no distance) All in all, weather permitting it’s a realistic & healthy alternative to taking the car for many of my short trips.

Cycling and bicycles have been a passion of mine for a very long time. I’d like to tell you that I promote both cycling & e-bikes out of my love for mankind & my passion for helping to preserve the environment. Truth be known however, a few years ago when I lost my driver’s license I needed a practical way to get around. My bicycle was great but the distances were far and I would arrive at work or my destination hot tired and sweaty. Great exercise but lousy for your appearance. In addition, if my trip was not a 100% necessity I would talk myself out of what ever it was I was thinking of doing. Knowing there had to be a better way & having the luxury of an Internet connected PC at the house, I did what anybody in my position would do, I asked Google, “How can I get around without a Drivers License?”. My answer came back pretty quick. “Electric bicycles”, 36 volts of DC motivation. The rest is history. is a culmination of my passions, my knowledge, my work and the desire to keep pace with the ever-changing technologies used in self-propelled two and three-wheeled transportation. It is a website dedicated to cycling, electric bicycles, electric bicycle kits and the technologies tools and accessories that go along with them. I write about, work on, build and sell an alternative form of transportation called e-bikes. It’s fun, practical, safe & inexpensive. If this sounds to you like it might be worth a look. GREAT. You found a really good place to start.

Here’s a few pictures of my e- bike stuff:


Battery Bag

Battery Bag

Old Trek 800 Converted to an E-Bike

Old Trek 800 Converted to an E-Bike

First E-Bike

My First 36 volt E-Bike


Transporting Bikes W/O a Drivers License

Ready for Work

Company Truck NOT Required

Elect. Mongoose

36 Volt, Gear Drive E-BikeKit on Dual Suspension Mongoose


24v Headway LiFePO4 Battery Pack

LiFeP04 Battery Pack using 3.2V Headway Cells with BMS

My choice for batteries

After countless hours of research and agonizing over the thought of purchasing products from China I have finally taken the plunge and purchased what I need to build my first battery pack. I decided to go with a 24 volt 10amp battery pack because I currently have a ladies bike I set up with a 24 volt 12ah SLA battery pack. I purchased the batteries and charger for this locally. Consequently this will give me a great opportunity to run side by side comparisons test for both cost and performance.

HEADWAY 40152S LiFePO4 Battery Ultimately I will be selling two types of Li-Ion batteries from two manufacturers. For local sales I will be using Headway LiFePO4 batteries (lithium ion iron phosphate ) manufactured by Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in mainland China. These have become a very popular choice for EV’s. They do not have the power density of LiNCM batteries but they operate at lower temperatures and therefore are inherently safer to use. Especially when your building your own battery packs.

For Internet sales I will be using ALLCELL lithium-ion battery packs distributed by E-BikeKits. These are made using LiNCM battery cells not LiFePO4. They have a higher power density than LiFePO4 batteries but are more prone to overheating and what is called thermal runaway. (3 mile island on a tiny scale) Some companies will not knowingly sell these batteries for use in consumer built battery packs. ALLCELL solves the thermal problem by using their patented PCM technology in all of their battery packs. Consequently you will not be buying these cells individually. See ALLCELL Technologies and PCM evaluation.

E-BikeKit Batteries

ALL LITHIUM BATTERIES REQUIRE SOME FORM OF BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS) FOR SAFE OPERATION & LONG LIFE. Cheap lithium battery packs with no BMS may turn out to be the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make ! BUYER BEWARE ! Read the rest of this entry