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Why not E-trailers ?

electric trailer

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No reason what so ever as it turns out. I just ordered the plans for the above Bicycle Cargo Push Trailer. (Yes that mean’s I’m planing to build one.) The links have video so I didn’t waste your time putting one here. I’ve been really psyched about buying or building a powered push trailer ever since I saw my first one a few years ago. Since then I have come across quite a few websites for powered push trailers and plans for building them. I’ve seen YouTube videos and PDF schematics for everything from professional looking blue prints to plans for modifying a Garden Way Cart. (Hey, I got one of those) The one I choose appears to be professionally built, well-engineered and complete. “Complete” being the operative word here. Actually the Bicycle Cargo Push Trailer is the only one I can say that about. It’s designed to be powered by an off-the-shelf hub-motor drive system so outside of the steel, hardware and misc. fasteners everything else can be readily purchased from a **** local bike shop or on-line. Now I know from first hand experience that what ever price I initially put into my labor cost for a project I should just go ahead and double it. So I did and with that in mind I hope to build a finished product that looks and performs as well as Dave’s Trailer does & still sell it at a profit. I’m at least a year away from building this thing let alone selling it but I’ll do my best to keep you posted.

Since writing this article about two years ago I have signed up as a Ridekick  dealer and took delivery of one last summer 2013. The  Ridekick  has been a great little trailer and with a price of $699.00 is quite affordable and a good option for any body wanting to add electric assist plus additional carrying capacity to their current bicycle. You can read my article on the Ridekick Push Trailer here Having the Ridekick trailer to use put building one myself on the back burner. However, as of May 2014 Ridekick is completely sold out of trailers and will not have any until sometime in 2015. Perhaps building the Bicycle Cargo Push Trailer just got moved up a notch. Stay tuned. Read the rest of this entry

RIDEKICK Electric Trailer


ridekick. trailer

Yes you did read the title correctly……. This is a propelled Electric Trailer. It pushes your bike. Making any bike an e-bike any time you hook the RIDEKICK trailer to it.

Update ! I just recieved this email Saturday 7/09/2011.

“The Ridekick™ power trailer is now available to purchase online through Don’t get left behind. Make your purchase soon – there are a limited number of Ridekick power trailers on hand. These first units will be sold to customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Go to this page on our website ( and purchase your unit today. In a few short days this page will go public, so don’t delay.”

RIDEKICK  ——–  What a great idea. This fits so well with so many things I’m doing at the moment. It’s a perfect solution for those of us who want to keep their regular bike available as a regular bike but add the extra capacity and conveyance of having an e-bike for commuting to work or for trips to the grocery/hardware store. This should motivate you to ride your bike even more often and for those of us who don’t drive it adds so many options.
It’s not often I see something that gets me excited enough to write about it & have it posted on my blog with-in the hour. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Check out the following links:"bicycle trailer","green transportation", "alternative transportation",Bicycle
See for the official RIDEKICK web page.

See for an independent look at the RIDEKICK and the people behind it.