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This is what’s in our driveway at the moment. To demonstrate the full potential of this amazing & amazingly simple form of alternative transportation I use e-bikes almost exclusively for all of my local runs. Since some items are too much for a pair of saddle bags or rear rack I also use the very neat RideKick Trailer on many of my runs. Although it’s designed to turn any bike you own into an e-bike it of course can also be hooked up to your existing e-bike. Since I sometimes have to deliver or pick up bicycles I made a 5th wheel attachment for towing bicycles that simply sets in the bottom of the RideKick Trailer. (lid removed) Then I remove the wheel of the bike being transported a re-bolt the forks to the 5th wheel attachment. The front wheel gets strapped to the side of the bike being towed & sits atop of the now secured pedals. (DON’T BACK-UP) I also use a small ratchet strap & cinch the top of the fork tube to the RideKick Trailer frame where the lid had been. I have to say, this is one slick way to transport an extra bike. Outside of making sure your brakes are up to the task of stopping this load & not backing up, it is one very smooth ride. Oh yeah. An E-Trailer + an E-Bike = very quick acceleration to 20 MPH. Did I invent the worlds very first “Bicycle Tow Dolly”? I doubt it although I have never seen this done. If you have or have seen something similar or interesting, please let me know. I’d be happy to post any of your experiences or photos on the EZgo-Now Web-Site. I’ll be writing more about the RideKick Trailer in a future article. For now you can read NEW RIDEKICK TRAILER That’s Ready To Roll.



EZgo-Now Shop Bike



Lots of Bikes

RideKick Trailer

RideKick Trailer w/5th Wheel


Bike attached to 5th wheel

Shop Bike

Shop Bike


Bike full of Baggage

Inside of Battery Box & Saddle Bag

Inside of Battery Box & Saddle Bag

Trek 800 18 Spd. Women’s MTB with 24 Volt Conversion Kit


LADIES, STARTING TODAY MAKE ALL YOUR RIDING DOWN HILL with this fully Camouflaged Electric Bike Installation. It Looks Like a Stock Bike, Rides & Pedals Like a Stock Bike, Sounds Like a Stock Bike, But Goes Like there’s a gust of wind at your back with just a Push of a Button. The total weight of Bike, Kit, Battery Pack & Accessories is a very light (for an e-bikie) 45 Lbs. The LiFePO4 Batteries, BMS & Motor Controller are Tucked Inside of the Rear Bike Bag. Battery Cover doubles as Shelf for small tools, supplies & personal items. The two small wires are tucked tight to underside of frame w/blk cable ties & the 4.5” Geared Hub Motor is small enough to go un-noticed by most passer by’s.

e bike

E-Bike Build Pieces & Parts

Converted Trek 800

Trek 800w/E-BikeKit Gear Driven Front Hub


"Electric Bike Conversion Kit"
24 volt front drive


Geared Hub Motor

24 volt front hub motor from E Life Bike

24v Headway LiFePO4 Battery Pack

My first LIPO Battery Pack using 3.2V Headway Cells


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