That is the Question.

    • The bicycle is the most efficient vehicle ever devised; a human on a bicycle is more efficient (in calories expended per pound and per mile) than a train, truck, airplane, boat, car, motorcycle or jet pack.

    • Nearly half of all trips in the US are three miles or less; more than a quarter are less than a mile, distances easily covered by bike while saving you money and getting you fit.

    • Every mile traveled by bike rather than by car keeps one pound of climate-damaging carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, while reducing cash draining stops at the pump.

Those are just three of the many reasons given in “Seven Wonders for a Cool Planet” by Eric Sorensen and the staff at Sightline Institute. For the rest of them click here: Sightline Institute.

In addition, anybody that has ever lived near a high school zone have no doubt been astonished by the endless parade of school buses filled with students entering the highway at 3:15 PM. This is immediately followed by a mile long line of automobiles being driven by the remaining students.

Now if you also happen to live in a college town you may have noticed the huge amount of parking space dedicated to automobiles. Take this a step further and observe the number of bicycles you don’t see parked or in use and you’ll probably see where I’m going with this.

The last straw came this spring when GM ran an automobile advertisement targeted to college students. Perhaps you remember it. “Reality Sucks” LUCKILY THE GM COLLEGE DISCOUNT DOESN’T. The thrust of the ad was that no college male should be caught dead riding his bike on campus else the girls would consider him a complete nerd. GM quickly pulled the ad but it highlighted the much bigger problem with American culture. We simply do not consider biking as a reasonable alternative to driving. It’s a mindset that has run its course and the consequences are everywhere.

We have to change our out-look towards bikes & biking. Bikes ARE NOT UN-COOL!

Although my focus for is on electric bikes I do my best to address the subject of bikes & bicycling as a whole. Whether or not a person chooses one over the other is purely an individual choice. The benefits for that individual, the society and the environment are the same.Student on bike

We all get involved with, and make a decisions to purchase an Electric Bicycles for our own  specific reasons. Regardless of what the reason is or was, suffice it to say we had a larger purpose in mind when we got involved. For me it was because I had lost my D/L & needed a way to get around. Not only did my electric bike solve most of my transportation needs it quickly became a hobby and eventually grew into this web-site and a part-time business. After three years of riding, buying, selling, reading & writing about, e-bikes it’s also become a real passion. (I’m also passionate about cars in case your thinking I’m one of those tree huger types.) Not only are e-bikes one of the neatest things since sliced bread but they have a high potential for becoming a major piece to an overall solution for bringing sustainability into our transportation system.

Over the coming weeks & months I’m going to lay out some of my plans for bringing bicycles and specifically e-bikes into the main stream of our transportation system starting with, you guessed it, The College Campus.

Thanks for reading & please check back. If you have a question or comment or you’d like to have this or any of our articles sent to you by email please use the “comment box” the “RSS FEED” or any of the “Contact Us” links.

Matt Waters

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