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36 volt ebike
My 2000 Mongoose Hill Topper. I installed a 26″ CRYSTALYTE go-hubTM motor kit from Largo Scooters about 3 years ago. Both the motor and the SLA batteries are still going strong but the motor is starting to make a little noise.

  After four years of trial and error in sorting out the web-site & the shop in Carlisle, PA. we are on our 3rd version of EZgo-Now.com. Since starting this web-site back in 2008 I have continuously worked on increasing the value of EZgo-Now.com to my readers with better & more interesting content as well as a cleaner, better looking design with easier navigation. Although I love to write my readers have pointed out that my time might be better spent on doing actual reviews & how to articles using my personal e-bikes projects for the background information. Well my readers are very observant & that is what I have begun to do. You’ll find more links to current & interesting cycling articles & news as opposed to my reviews of those articles . I am trying to review every bicycle accessory & part that I use in my e-bike conversions while still highlighting useful accessories & replacement parts that I come across. Take a look at My Picks Page to read about a couple of the things I have recently reviewed. I will occasionally discuss other ideas for alternative forms of transportation but remain committed to the potential of electrically assisted bicycles as the best, most practical, most cost-effective, enjoyable & safe form of transportation available today for short to medium commuting trips. The first few years for the EZgo-Now.com Web-Site where a bit shaky. E-Bikes were & still are a huge worldwide market but a relatively small one inside the US. I had yet to figure out my real goal for this web-site or my e-bike business for that matter. What where Americans looking for in an e-bike. For that matter did they really know what an e-bike was? Our society as a whole has done little to promote bicycling as anything more than nice safe & healthy recreational past time or sport. Lets face it, there are thousands of blogs & websites dedicated to all forms of cycling from sport to MTB’s & BMX, cargo bikes or touring bikes, there is a web-site dedicated to that specialty. After I had narrowed this list down to just e-bikes, e-bike accessories & e-bike conversion kits It was still a very large category of bicycling stuff to cover. However, this spring after I had opened my shop in Carlisle, PA & people started riding my converted bicycles that the real conversations began. We started talking about the practical benefits an electrically assisted bike might have over the traditional bike & what the real cost of these bikes where if they where going to be used for something other than just recreation or sport. That’s when it started to come together for me. I realized that I should be focusing on cycling as a means of transportation & not just on electric bicycles as a another form of bicycling. Hell, I mean transportation is primarily what the rest of the world has been using these thing for many generations. Bikes are so many things to so many people. What ever your bike is to you, that is no doubt the perfect application for you & you should continue to use it for that purpose. Whether its recreation, sport, leisure or exercise you need to enjoy it, share it, become involved with it & with others & take good care of it. However, a large percentage of the bike owners that I have talked to simply don’t think of their bikes as a tool for transportation, to them it’s just a bike. Well, as you can imagine, that’s not true for me, Take a look at one of my latest projects below. I decided I should practice what I preach & retire  my 20 year-old bike & it’s 4-year-old e-bike kit from  Largo Scooters. I replaced it with a 2012 Marrin Pioneer Trail & used a 2012 Direct Drive e-bike kit from EiBikeKit.com. It’s real nice & quite fast.

Night-Rider 4 Work or Play

“Night-Rider” replaces my old Mongoose above.AND it needs no registration, insurance or D/L. If I could fix the PA weather I’d be in Heaven!


There have been many studies done on the bike riding habits of people around the globe. Those findings bear out what I have found here in Carlisle. People in the US ride their bike for many reasons, but after age 16 or so, riding for transportation is not one of them. And don’t think for a minuet the transportation industry is going to help promote bicycles as a reasonable alternative to the car under any situation. GM has no intention of up-setting their well though out apple cart. As an example READ this GM advertisement that appeared on a number of college campuses last year: reality-sucks-says-gm. How can a self-described environmentally conscious corporation the size of General motors even consider suggesting that a 4,000 LB. car might be the better choice for a 20 year male student to run short errands & for getting back & forth to classes? Certainly GM can find better ways to remain profitable than by suggesting  to young impressionable males  that riding a bicycle will make you look like a nerd. As you can see this runs a whole lot deeper than Americans just being lazy or soft or stupid. We have built an entire nation around the use of the automobile as our primary means of transportation. There is an awful lot of work to be done in order to even begin the process of getting us out of our cars and back into something a little more sustainable.   Hub motor, "electric hub motor","geared hub motor"

There is good news on the technical side of things however,  e-bike motor technology and quality has improved considerably. The kits themselves are better assembled using higher quality components with many new and useful features. The Chinese e-bike market and supply chain has become more accessible to the west allowing easier and more cost-effective importation of products from some of the higher quality Chinese manufacturers in the east. One of the more notable improvements is in the advancement of battery technology and the subsequent reduction in cost. (They are still expensive) Specifically Lithium Ion, LiMnNi and LiFePO4 batteries. The down side is every Tom, Dick & Harry with a website is now selling e-bikes, motorized bike kits and cheap batteries complete with false claims and bad information. There are hundreds if not thousands of these sites and although you don’t have to visit them all you still have to sort through them. Do yourself and the ebike community a favor and avoid clicking on those sites that promise you the moon & the stars. (Easier said than done, I know, but each click =’s 1 vote) Use links and recommendations from within reputable web sites, blogs and forums. Bookmark the good sites. You’ll have a long list of quality web-sites before you know it. Avoid doing general Google searches when looking for a specific product. I will continue to do my best to sort out the mis-information from the good information and I’ll keep only the current and reputable links posted on this site. The following is a short list to help you get started.

Please bookmark EZgo-Now.com and stop in when ever you’re looking for information or products on this really neat form of transportation. I personally guarantee to never steer you in the wrong direction or to put profits in front of customer service. If you have a question or comment use one of our contact forms or email me directly at matt @ezgo.now.com.

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