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Every week or so we add a little more content to the EZgo-Now Web-Site. We build a new e-bike, learn a new trick, find a great product or read about some Geo-political situation on the the other side of the globe that might impact our daily lives & I’ll write about it . This is an exciting time for living and a great time to be evolved in something as beneficial , practical & fun as electric bicycles & electric bicycle conversion kits. Perhaps electrically assisted bicycles aren’t as exciting as some of the new products & technologies coming on line today but they are as, if not more important than many of them & they will be vital to the sustainability of our transportation system. I believe that E-Bikes & the E.V. market in general will have  a profound effect on how we cope with our future, our children’s future & the future of our planet. That said, I’m looking forward to talking to you, our customers & anyone else interested in getting around their local market in something other than their every day car or truck.. 

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