Bicycle Tire Pump

Bicycle Tire Pump

I’m sorry about this post but I just couldn’t help myself. I was looking for some clip art on bicycle tools. Specifically the bicycle tire pump on your left when I ran across the bike pictures shown below. These photos are from (Click for Web-Site) They are royalty free providing their used following their license agreement. The captions are mine.

I hope you enjoy these and I’d love to see Your’s. If you have a picture that you’d like to share please include the link (right click pic. select copy image url & paste) along with anything you’d like to say to in the “Leave a Comment” box at the bottom of the page or use the “Contact Us” links at the top or side of the page.



Get Back Here Damit

Get Back Here Damit !


Rusty Bike Wheel

Lubricate Yearly or as Needed.

Where is my bike

Aw Shit !

bike basket

Bigger Bicycle Baskets are Better.

Where are the Instructions?

Where’s the Flippin Instructions.

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