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For plans click here or visit:http://electricbicycletrailer.com/

No reason what so ever as it turns out. I just ordered the plans for the above Bicycle Cargo Push Trailer. (Yes that mean’s I’m planing to build one.) The links have video so I didn’t waste your time putting one here. I’ve been really psyched about buying or building a powered push trailer ever since I saw my first one a few years ago. Since then I have come across quite a few websites for powered push trailers and plans for building them. I’ve seen YouTube videos and PDF schematics for everything from professional looking blue prints to plans for modifying a Garden Way Cart. (Hey, I got one of those) The one I choose appears to be professionally built, well-engineered and complete. “Complete” being the operative word here. Actually the Bicycle Cargo Push Trailer is the only one I can say that about. It’s designed to be powered by an off-the-shelf hub-motor drive system so outside of the steel, hardware and misc. fasteners everything else can be readily purchased from a **** local bike shop or on-line. Now I know from first hand experience that what ever price I initially put into my labor cost for a project I should just go ahead and double it. So I did and with that in mind I hope to build a finished product that looks and performs as well as Dave’s Trailer does & still sell it at a profit. I’m at least a year away from building this thing let alone selling it but I’ll do my best to keep you posted.

Since writing this article about two years ago I have signed up as a Ridekick  dealer and took delivery of one last summer 2013. The  Ridekick  has been a great little trailer and with a price of $699.00 is quite affordable and a good option for any body wanting to add electric assist plus additional carrying capacity to their current bicycle. You can read my article on the Ridekick Push Trailer here Having the Ridekick trailer to use put building one myself on the back burner. However, as of May 2014 Ridekick is completely sold out of trailers and will not have any until sometime in 2015. Perhaps building the Bicycle Cargo Push Trailer just got moved up a notch. Stay tuned.Trailers, ridekick, bike trailer

In the mean time if your interested in electric trailers I have included a resource list for websites that I found exceptionally useful. The Electric Push Trailer Plans I purchased are available at http://electricbicycletrailer.com/. unfortunately I could only find three sources for a “complete”, pre-built and ready-to-go powered push trailer. I included those in my resource list. When I first decided to post this article I had hoped to include a more comprehensive list, but the bottom line is there’s just not a lot out there. As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of links to explore but if you’re looking for a finished product you probably won’t find much more than I did. Whatever you do find however please leave us a comment or send us an email. I’ll continue to update this list as I find new sources.

As a final note there is a third and possibly the better way to get a powered trailer for your bike. Modify one! There is a ton of good bike trailers on the market today. New & used. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination or an engineering degree to envision retro-fitting one of these with a hub-motor drive system. With today’s newer lighter weight geared hub motors & LiFePo4 batteries these trailers could still maintain much of their capacity & portability. I regularly review bike trailers on this website and for everyone I review there is ten more I haven’t. Some of these are better suited for modification than others. I personally would suggest buying a used one if at all possible. You can pick them up for 50% to 90% off the new price. I’ve even picked one up for free last year.

Well anyway now you have something else to think about. Here’s my list starting with the “complete” e-powered bike trailers.

Resource List

E-powered bike trailers:

Batteries and controllers:

E-bike components:


**** I always recommend buying local for many reasons not the least of which is freight. However e-bikes & e-bike kits & accessories are still only carried by a relatively small percentage of bike shops. Finding a local one can often prove to be challenge.


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